No Jail Time No Probation in Gwinnett County

Date: Dec 4, 2020

Contact: Frederick R. Mann Jr., Esq.

Legal Type: Criminal Attorney

Phone: (770) 941-0913

Email[email protected]


Charges Included:

  • Driving without a DL
  • Using a Cell phone not in a holder while driving

Gwinnett Municipal Court – Frederick R. Mann Jr of The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, LLC successfully resolved the case of a Honduran man charged with Driving without a DL and Using a Cell phone not in a holder while driving.

Case Results

  • The defendant paid fines and costs of $1300 and the jail was suspended upon proof he had done several days of house arrest.
  • The cell phone charge was dismissed upon proof the vehicle now had a cellphone holder installed.
  • It was the second lifetime charge for Driving without DL. No probation was ordered.

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