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Have You Been Charged With A Drug Offense In Georgia?

Drug-related offenses cover allegations ranging from possession to transporting, selling or trafficking, distributing, and manufacturing illegal drugs. Drug-related charges can cover a much wider range of drugs and potential crimes than many people realize. Trafficking-related charges are especially significant and complex because — due to the quantity of drugs allegedly involved in the crime — a conviction can result in significant mandatory minimum prison terms.

What Drug Charges Can Cover

You can be charged with drug-related offenses and crimes relating to the following types of drugs: crack cocaine, refined cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, LSD, PCP, and ecstasy. There is a wide variety of types of charges that can be laid. The distinctions between each charge — and the defenses you may have available and the potential sentences if you are convicted — can be complex and important, especially if you have been charged with multiple offenses or have past convictions for related offenses. There are six particularly common drug-related charges:

  • Possession of narcotics
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of controlled substances with intention to sell them
  • Providing controlled substances to a minor
  • Transporting controlled substances with intention to sell them
  • Transporting controlled substances period

The lawyers at Hines Law firm understand the distinctions between the whole range of offenses as they apply to particular drugs and all of your personal circumstances. They also understand the legal and practical implications of being charged with multiple offenses, and how the available defenses and sentences can be affected by the precise combination of charges.

Each element of the charges and each circumstances of the alleged offense and the person charged is essential to understanding available defenses, managing the risk of conviction, and determining a just sentence in the event of a conviction. No one should attempt to defend drug-related criminal charges without advice and advocacy from an expert and experienced criminal defense lawyer like those at Hines law firm.

What Are The Potential Sentences For Drug Charges In Atlanta?

A conviction for trafficking cocaine, morphine, or heroin can result in a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years depending on the amounts involved. If you’re convicted of trafficking in marijuana, you may face a mandatory minimum of 15 years, again depending on the amounts involved.
Trafficking or manufacturing methamphetamines or amphetamines can, upon conviction, result in a sentence up to 25 years depending on the amounts involved.

The sentences are clearly serious and no one facing risk of imprisonment should proceed without legal advice and representation. Sentencing issues are complex and constantly evolving. We stay on top of all the complexities. The Drug charges lawyers at Hines law firm understand how to manage the risk of conviction and, even on conviction, how to minimize a sentence imposed. For example, our Atlanta drug crime lawyer have the expertise to understand how an accused can, upon conviction, be sentenced less than the mandatory minimum sentence. The factors taken into account can be complex and require careful consideration of the law as well as precise argument

 If You’ve Been Charged With A Drug Offense? Contact An Atlanta Drug Lawyer Early

Get an experienced expert on your side. Your chances of successfully defending drug and trafficking-related charges increase when you are supported by an expert who understands what the law requires of police and investigators, what is required to substantiate a charge and produce a conviction, and who understands how to manage risks of conviction and reduce sentences that may be imposed.

Legal expertise aside, the Atlanta drug crime lawyer at Hines law firm understand and apply — every day — the tactics and strategies to manage the complex scientific and legal issues involved in drug-related charges. We also know how to negotiate appropriate resolutions in cases of potential liability to protect your rights as an accused. Don’t face drug charges alone; let our lawyers help by contacting us at 770-800-2000