Improper Lane Change Charges


Every year, drivers making improper lane changes is a major cause of vehicle accidents within the state of Georgia. More often than not, the general assumption is that accidents involving improper lane changes are always the fault of the driver who made the lane change, which makes it very helpful to have the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney whenever these accidents occur. Relevant laws within the state of Georgia make it necessary for drivers to make sure that lane changes are safe before actually making them.

Examples Of Improper Lane Changes

Improper lane changes can cause accidents when other drivers are unable to respond in a timely fashion or when they do not have sufficient time to brake so as to avoid colliding with the driver that is changing lanes. There are a number of situations in which Georgia drivers can make an improper lane change. Following are just a few examples of an unsafe and improper lane change:

Changing lanes on curves or hills where drivers cannot see for an adequate amount of distance.
Failing to look for cars that abut the vehicle making the lane change.
Failing to look for nearby blind spots or to check the mirrors for other motorists.
Not using turn signals to show other drivers that a lane change will soon be made.
Driving for any extended amount of time while straddling lanes.

Building A Legal Defense For An Improper Lane Change

There are various defenses that people can use when responding to these types of traffic violations. It is usually the case that improper lane change citations are given when law enforcement agencies believe that drivers did not use reasonable safety when changing lanes. A lot of people are able to build successful defenses against improper lane change citations by effectively undermining the judgment of the law enforcement office in question. There are also times when law enforcement professionals are simply not in the right place at the right time for determining whether or not the lane change was actually unsafe. A reputable criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Matthew C. Hines can help with cases like these.

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Any accident resulting from an unsafe and improper lane change can make it difficult for drivers to decide how to proceed. People should be sure to follow a few suggestions when accidents occur including: making sure that all involved parties are all right, moving their cars away from oncoming traffic whenever it is possible to do so safely, writing down all of the pertinent details of these accidents, and hiring a reputable attorney from the Law Office of Matthew C. Hines who knows all about fighting improper lane change citations.

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