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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

Handling Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Criminal Defense Cases


Driving Without a Drivers License


Although the majority of people with a suspended license know that this is the case, some motorists in Georgia might be oblivious to this fact. There are numerous reasons why someone might get their license suspended, so if they receive no notice of this through the post from the Georgia DMV, confusion about this matter can arise.

Getting Charged With Driving Without a License

Regrettably, if you have a suspended license and you are caught behind the wheel in Georgia, the law enforcement officer will have to detain you. Traffic violations like this pose a risk to the general public, so the policeman must take the necessary steps to take you out of harm’s way. The officer will assume that, if you have no license, this means that you are not insured either.

Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Driver’s License?

Absolutely, all traffic offenses that are moving violations are classed as misdemeanors in Georgia. Unless otherwise amended by a specific statute, every misdemeanor in Georgia carries a fine of up to $1000, along with up to one year in prison.

Do I Require A Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are a few different types of clients who enlist our services to contest speeding tickets.

These are as follows:

  • Out of state clients, who can not visit Georgia in person to handle their case
  • Clients with busy schedules who can not spare the time, due to work commitments, to deal with all the paperwork regarding traffic violation charges
  • Clients who fear arrest or who are professional drivers, who will not risk visiting court

Correcting a Suspended Driver’s License

A few different steps are required to address a driving while suspended issue. Consulting a traffic attorney is the fastest way to clear up the legal issue, and hiring a criminal defense expert might offer a helpful intermediary between the justice system and you. If you can’t do this, follow this process:

  • Get hold of your driving details from the DDS in Georgia, or the DPS or DMV in another state. You can do this online, or visit a driving license customer support center.
  • Get in touch with the court that issued your suspension by telephone, if you can.
  • Maintain records of all documents, and save every form on your PC in PDF format. This way, you will be able to email these to different Municipal, County or State criminal court agencies.
  • Get the money to settle the fine or balance that is due, prior to addressing this legal issue.

Punishments for Driving With no License

Different statutes in Georgia specify varying degrees of penalties for people caught driving while suspended, or with no plastic license. Your speeding ticket should display the penalty and code section for driving with no license. However, the penalty you receive could include:

  • Surcharges and fines
  • Reinstatement or restitution charges
  • Probation
  • Prison time
  • Extra revocation or suspension of your license at the DDS in Georgia
  • Several hours of community service