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Cumming Personal Injury Lawyer

Cumming Personal Injury LawyerCumming is the administrative center of Forsyth County, Georgia, and is located around 40 miles from the heart of Atlanta. Residents of Cumming are more likely to be injured in accidents involving vehicles and in other ways because of the city’s proximity to Georgia Highway 400. If you have been hurt due to the actions or carelessness of another person in Forsyth County, the attorneys from the Law Firm of Matthew C. Hines are here to assist you.

It will need a lot of time and energy to focus on physical healing after a traumatic accident. To even consider a personal injury claim might be overwhelming. Personal injury victims in Cumming deserve someone who will go the extra mile for them, which is why we take our client’s cases very seriously. Recover the money you need to get your life back on track after a major accident with the help of our legal team. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding your legal options.

Common Accidents That Can Result In a Personal Injury In Cumming

If you’ve been injured due to somebody else’s negligence, you’ll need Cumming personal injury lawyers to help you get your due compensation. Some of the most common types of accidents in Cummings that count for personal injury claims include:

Car Accidents

Forsyth County is no stranger to car accidents as a relatively small county. Cumming may appear to be out of the range of Atlanta traffic to people who are unfamiliar with the city. However, everyone who lives in Cumming, works in Cumming, or commutes into or out of the town daily is aware that the roads in the area can be hazardous at any time and that every vehicle runs the chance of being involved in a traffic collision.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the rider has a significant risk of serious injury or death due to the lack of protection provided by a motorcycle. Statistics show that 80% of motorcycle accidents in the United States lead to serious injury or death. On Forsyth County’s roads, these accidents can occur at any time.

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks take place daily throughout the United States, even in Cumming. It is not uncommon for trucks to go on the numerous highways in this region. Get legal help as soon as possible after a truck accident injures you or your loved ones.

Accidents on Cumming Properties

Cumming businesses are required by law to carry personal injury insurance, so if you get injured while visiting their establishment, you can submit a claim with their insurer or launch a lawsuit. You are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost pay if the property owner was negligent.

Types of Compensation For Cumming Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury settlement can be crucial for a victim’s recovery. It can help you pay your expenses, take care of other costs, and replace the earnings you were counting on before the accident. Regardless of the situation, our goal is to get our clients the most compensation possible for their losses. This includes payment for the following:

  • Lost income: As a result of your injuries, you will be compensated for the money you lost while you were unable to work, as well as any long-term losses in your earning capacity.
  • Medical bills: Medical attention is often required to recover from a catastrophic accident. Accident victims might even require long-term care and treatment. These fees may be covered by a personal injury claim.
  • Pain and suffering: Victims of injuries may have long-term discomfort and damage their lives. After an accident, you may be able to get your life back to normal if you receive compensation for your injuries.

How Cumming Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Even after an accident, it can be tough to ensure that all evidence and statements you present to insurance providers are as comprehensive and correct as possible. You’ll need a lot of time and energy to recover from your injuries. You most likely won’t have any of this left to learn the ins and outs of the insurance claim process and prove liability.

Because of this, it is important to have a Cumming personal injury attorney on your side who can advocate for you against insurance firms and other parties who may be involved in your case. Here’s how the Law Firm of Matthew C. Hines can help:

  • Collecting and maintaining accident scene evidence
  • Assisting in the identification of injuries that are covered by your policy and the potential impact that artificial objects may have on your claim
  • Take a look at all your options for compensation
  • Negotiating and dealing with insurance providers
  • Representing you in court if the negligent party declines to compensate you fully

Personal injury claims are handled by a team of lawyers with decades of experience. After a tragic injury, we work nonstop to get our clients the compensation they deserve. Once you’ve enlisted our help, we’ll move fast to look into the incident and determine who should be held responsible. To ensure that you can move ahead from your injuries in the best possible way, we work to get you the fair compensation you need to pay for all your losses.

The Georgia Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be filed in Georgia within two years of the incident. Even if it seems like a short time, the investigation and understanding of an accident can be lengthy. For the best chance to win your claim after an accident, consult with Cumming personal injury lawyers as quickly as possible.

Call Our Experienced Cumming Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

The Law Office of Matthew C. Hines can assist you if you’ve been injured in an accident and need legal representation. Allow us to take care of the headaches and hassles associated with your personal injury claim. As a full-service personal injury legal office, we’re here to represent you and your rights. We’ll take the time to hear what you have to say, clear your doubts, and fight for the compensation you’re due.