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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

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Atlanta Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Our criminal defense lawyers have worked with many motorists in Georgia for over a decade, successfully defending traffic violations throughout the state. During that time, we have been asked certain questions repeatedly, concerning state rules and what is needed after getting a speeding or traffic ticket.

Do I Need to Visit Court at any Point?

Our seasoned criminal law attorneys will visit court on your behalf whenever possible, to defend a moving violation, speeding ticket or traffic ticket in Georgia. Motorists with Commercial Driver’s Licenses, or who are younger than twenty-one, might be required to appear by a judge – particularly if they have previous convictions. There are dozens of county and municipal courts throughout Georgia state, and each has different rules. Therefore, whether you have to visit court might depend on where you live. If you live a long distance from the court, in another state, there’s a good chance that you might be excused.

What are the Consequences if I Fail to Visit Court or pay the Speeding Ticket?

This is a serious matter in Georgia. If you fail to visit court or pay your speeding ticket, an FTA (Failure to Appear) arrest warrant will be issued. All moving traffic violations in Georgia are classed as criminal misdemeanors, so it is sensible not to bury your head in the sand and hope that the charge will be forgotten. If you fall foul of the law in this regard, it will result in the suspension of your driving license in Georgia. Also, if you are licensed in another state and the Georgia authorities inform your state about your FTA charge, your license could be suspended there as well.

Will the Case Against me Collapse if the Officer Fails to Appear in Court?

We regularly receive calls at our office from motorists, who are quite sure that if the law enforcement officer that charged them does not turn up at court, then the traffic ticket or other traffic violation will be quashed. Things do not always work out this way though! The attorney in court and the judge will decide how to resolve your specific speeding ticket, so this is not purely determined by whether the officer is present in person.

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I Live Outside of Georgia, Will the State I Live in Know About my Georgia Moving Violation?

The majority of states disclose moving violation charges to other states. Typically, details about traffic tickets are shared as a matter of course. If California is your home state, and you are given a speeding ticket in Georgia, you will still have your driving license suspended eventually — if you fail to appear in court or pay the ticket.

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