Representing Accident & Injury Victims

Handling Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and
Criminal Defense Cases


Representing Accident & Injury Victims

Handling Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Criminal Defense Cases


Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Hines Law, you can count on our Marietta criminal defense lawyers to defend clients both inside and outside the courtroom. Throughout the Marietta area and all of Georgia, our team provides legal help to clients who require serious and expert defense services from reputable and proven criminal attorneys.

We understand how stressful and overwhelming facing criminal allegations can be. Because of this, our team works hard to go beyond what is considered “normal” when it comes to providing support for our clients through these challenging times.

Our Marietta criminal defense lawyers have an ongoing commitment to working tirelessly on our client’s behalf to help secure the most favorable results for their cases possible. We take time to investigate all aspects of the case, prepare iron-clad arguments, and build defense strategies backed by industry resources and decades of experience. You can also count on our team to fight aggressively for your rights – inside and outside the courtroom.

There’s no question that we are passionate about defending the futures, freedoms, and rights of each client we serve. We also feel a large amount of responsibility for the outcome of each case we represent.

The Benefits of Experienced Representation

At Hines Law, our legal team has been working to protect the rights of those facing criminal charges in and around Marietta for years. We handle a huge array of criminal cases, including everything from minor offenses to more serious crimes. We will use our experience, insight, and resources to help achieve a positive resolution for your case.

Some of the criminal cases our firm represents include:

Increase Your Chances of a Successful Outcome to Your Criminal Case with the Help of Our Experienced Legal Team

Instead of trying to handle a criminal charge alone, or relying on the services of a public defender, let our criminal defense lawyer help you get the results you deserve.

Our legal team has decades of experience and plenty of industry resources we can put to work for you.

The Steps of the Criminal Process in Georgia

While every case is unique, most criminal cases start with an arrest. During the arrest, you will (or should) be read your Miranda rights. Part of this is your right to legal services. While you have the right to have an attorney appointed to your case, the services provided by public defenders aren’t always what you need when facing criminal charges. After all, these individuals usually have multiple cases, which means they have minimal time to focus on yours.

After the charges are filed and your arrest, you will go through an arraignment, the discovery phase for the case, and then a plea bargain. If no plea bargain is given or accepted, then the case will move to pretrial motion, which occurs before going to trial. It’s worth noting that the criminal process is often confusing. This is especially true if you have never faced these charges or situations before. Because of this, it is best to wait to speak to anyone until you have talked to our Marietta criminal lawyers.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire a Marietta Criminal Attorney

You should never wait to hire a Marietta criminal defense attorney from Hines Law. It’s important to understand that when you are arrested, the state is going to start looking for information or things that you say to use against you or even try to get you to incriminate yourself. You should also remember that you don’t have the ability just to wait around and see what will happen. If you do this, you may be convicted and face serious penalties.

Because of this, as soon as you or someone in your family is arrested, you should act right away and contact our legal team. We can provide you with the professional legal services you want and need to help you with your case.

Our Team Is Ready to Help with Your Criminal Charges

At Hines Law, we are ready to provide you with the aggressive and quality defense you need and deserve for your criminal charges. We will investigate the case against you and take steps to ensure that you know your options.

We will also negotiate with the prosecution and work to have your charges reduced or dropped completely. Even if we can’t do this, our team will negotiate to have the penalties for your case reduced.

You can’t wait to call for legal services when facing criminal charges. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to provide you with a quality and effective defense strategy. Get in touch today so we can help with your Marietta criminal case.