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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

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Georgia Dangerous Drug Lawyer


Hundreds of drugs are created each year, and pharmaceutical companies spend considerable time and financial resources marketing them to consumers. The top Specialty Pharmaceutical Distributors are responsible for the production and marketing of most of the new pharmaceutical products that come onto market. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating and approving drugs before they reach consumers, but accidents happen in spite of this supervision. Sometimes pharmaceutical drugs are handed out by mistake. A minor mistake can lead to big problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 40,000 people die as a result of pharmaceutical drugs each year. There were more deaths attributed to prescription drugs than deaths caused by traffic accidents according to the 2011 reporting. Half of the drugs that are marketed across the United States can be linked to many harmful effects according to recent CDC studies. If you or someone you know has been affected by dangerous drugs, contact our personal injury attorneys today.

Manufacturing and Liabilitydangerous drug attorneys

New pharmaceutical drugs tend to cause the most harm during the first year of their release. Pharmaceutical drugs eventually labeled as dangerous have a pattern of being released without full understanding of their hazards. Consumers who try drugs within this early release phase suffer injuries as a result. The side effects can be serious, and death may occur as well. Many drug companies continue to market their dangerous products even after scientific evidence confirms the risks.

The law states that drug manufacturers are liable if consumer injuries result from defective or inordinately dangerous products.

This can occur in different ways:

  • Products may be deemed defective due to manufacturer errors.
  • Manufacturers may fail to warn consumers about potential side effects.
  • Design flaws may lead to product dangers.


Experienced Law Firms know how to handle these scenarios, and they understand that manufacturers can be sued and consumers can receive compensation for their injuries. Manufacturers cannot claim ignorance, and damages can be levied even if the drug was tested or labeled.

Dangerous Drugs Illustrated

Mass tort litigation has led to the filing of thousands of legal cases. Pharmaceutical drugs or products such as Celebrex, Plavix, Fosamax, Bextra, and Avandia have been called into question. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was found liable for the injuries sustained from their weight-loss product marketed as Fen Phen. Consumer injuries resulting from Fen Phen has cost this manufacturer several billion dollars.

Additional drugs that may have caused harm include:

  • Actos
  • Accutane
  • Crestor Serzone
  • Ortho Evra
  • Dostinex
  • Permax
  • Prempro
  • Seroquel
  • ReNu
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Tequin
  • YAZ/Yazmin
  • Trasylol


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