If you are injured on the job, Georgia workers’ compensation benefits will kick in to compensate you for the cost of treatment for your injury, lost time at work, and other related expenses.

In the state of Georgia, this usually equates to around two-thirds of what you make on average in a week. However, this depends on how much you make and when the accident took place. There are also caps on the benefits you can receive.

You only get two-thirds of the average amount you make each week if the payment is not over $675 per week. Trying to live off workers’ compensation payments can be quite frustrating and difficult if this amount is under two-thirds of your total regular income. While this is true, it is important to remember that workers’ compensation payments are not taxed.

Types of Benefits You Can Get from Workers’ Compensation Payments

In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits will include the wage benefits mentioned above. However, you can also receive medical benefits, which include hospital bills, doctor fees, mileage to your appointments, and prescriptions. You can also receive one of the following four types of disability benefits:

  • Temporary total disability benefits: You can receive this type of benefit when you have missed over seven days of work because of your injury. They will stop if you recover from your injury or if you have been released to go back to normal work. Usually, this happens at MMI or maximum medical improvement. MMI occurs when the doctor states that your medical condition or injury will not be able to improve any further.
  • Temporary partial disability benefits: You can receive these benefits if you can work but do not earn the wage you did before your workplace injury. An example would be if your employer has placed on you light-duty or if you must work fewer hours. Usually, the benefits will end when the doctor determines that the condition has improved as much as possible (you reached MMI) and that you can go back to your normal work duties.
  • Permanent total disability benefits: Once you have reached MMI (as determined by your doctor), then you can receive these benefits if you are eligible. To qualify for these benefits, you must have a severe condition. You will then receive a benefit amount that is equal to the rate of the temporary total disability for the rest of your life.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits: You receive these benefits after the doctor states that you have achieved MMI, assessed your condition, and determined if you are eligible for disability benefits. The permanent partial disability benefits are given as compensation for the damage that occurred to a certain part of your body.

What Amount of Pay Can You Receive as Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

The total amount that you file for in workers’ compensation cases depends on the specifics of your injury and situation. The amount of your medical costs, wage history, type of injuries, and your ability to return to work will also impact your workers’ compensation payment.

If you can’t return to work because of a permanent injury, or if you can’t work your former job, then these factors are going to increase what you receive because of the permanent disabilities or if you must learn a new vocation to return to what you earned in the past.

Should You Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Georgia?

It isn’t a legal requirement that you hire a workers’ compensation attorney to help with your case. If it is simple, then there may not be any need to do this. However, in situations where your employer makes the decision to dispute your claim or if there are complications in the claims process, then having an attorney is invaluable.

At this point, speaking to our legal team at Hines Law is highly recommended. We can review the facts of your case and develop a plan of action to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Remember, there are many factors that go into a workers’ compensation case, so knowing your rights and letting our legal team help you along the way will pay off in the long run. Contact us today for a free consultation

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