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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

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Our criminal law team consists of white collar crime attorneys. White collar criminal activity has been recognized by social scientists for decades, and there is usually a close connection between social status and what is categorized as white collar crime. One federal agency refers to these crimes as illegal acts involving concealment, deceit, or trust violation that is not subject to real or perceived violence or physical force. The Federal Bureau of Investigation asserts that organizations and individuals perpetrate white collar crimes to acquire services, property, or money. The specific goal may vary depending upon the individual, and the desired payoff could involve gaining a business advantage or a specific personal gain. Many criminal defense attorneys understand that the codes for federal crimes include numerous offenses in the white collar criminal category. White collar prosecutions and investigations can involve federal statutes such as bank fraud, fraudulent health care activity, mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.

White collar crimes are serious offenses, but many individuals accused of these crimes have no prior experience with criminal justice proceedings. Our Atlanta white collar lawyer assists accused individuals who have minimal understanding of the numerous dangers, procedures, and rules that surround the multiple aspects of federal criminal prosecutions. Cases can evolve slowly or quickly, but official criminal prosecutions should not be taken lightly.

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Some federal crimes involve undercover investigating, but individuals that are federal targets know that they are being investigated in most cases. This would be true if a federal grand jury was involved and if subpoenas would be issued to to collect documents and related items. Federal agents carry out witness interviews and use search warrants before federal indictments are returned, and these activities alert the subject that an investigation is under way. A nonwhite collar investigation could be ongoing for some time before the target subject is aware, but this is very different from matters involving white collar crime.

Anyone may be alarmed to find out that they are being investigated regardless of their level of awareness or involvement in the suspected criminal behavior. Retaining a reputable white collar crimes attorney should be the first priority for any individual who comes under investigation, and securing experienced counsel is necessary for several reasons.

A subpoena from any federal grand jury requires an appropriate response, and it takes experience and specialized knowledge to handle this action correctly. Witness interviews and other information that can be provided early can be crucial, and the likelihood of staying current or getting ahead of an investigation will be greater with good legal counsel. Federal prosecutors want to resolve their cases in a satisfactory manner, and the communication between these prosecutors and retained legal counsel may proceed as smoothly as possible if good discussions begin at the outset. A clear working relationship between both sides can have a major impact on any potential outcome. Getting through this type of investigation may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but doing nothing and waiting to see what will happen would be an unwise approach. Obtaining a good white collar crimes attorney in Cobb County GA with experience in defending against white collar crime should be the first action for anyone under investigation

Assistant U.S. attorneys are responsible for bringing federal matters to the court, and agents from the SEC, IRS, FDA, FBI, and EPA assist in bringing cases to the attention of federal prosecutors as well. The federal branch has great resources for prosecution cases, and anyone attempting to handle a case without the help of an experienced white collar crimes attorney could be outmatched by the government. White-collar crime is a specialized area in terms of defense and prosecution, and the appropriate choice of white-collar crimes attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. Many attorneys assert their ability to handle white-collar cases, but very few attorneys have the right combination of background, commitment, and experience to defend these cases.

Atlanta, Georgia is home to the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, and this firm has the ideal counsel for handling white-collar defense. The Atlanta White Collar Lawyer at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines welcome inquires, and they are ready to discuss cases, review options, and provide the best legal representation possible.

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