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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

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Atlanta Uber Lyft Accident Lawyer


Uber and Lyft accidents are starting to become all too common. Accident statistics in Atlanta GA seem to be growing concurrently with the popularity of Uber and Lyft. With accidents come insurance claims, and insurance claims produce lawsuits and misunderstandings.

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Important Uber Details

Uber X covers every driver with a $100,000 insurance policy. This applies to every driver without exception. Uber provides each driver with a $100,000 limousine policy.

No judge ever ruled against Uber in a court proceeding. No corporate employer or company driver ever faced a lawsuit because of negligence on their part.

Insurance Providers For Uber Vehicles And Drivers

In the past, the corporate staff running Uber would convince their drivers to file all claims through their personal insurance. The majority of Uber drivers complied because they did not really understand the specifics of their auto policy. If a driver uses their personal vehicle as a private car for hire, most insurance companies will not cover that driver if they have an accident. This is why it’s really important to insure your side hustle properly, so says Colorado-based Sawaya Law Firm.

In the past, an Uber driver received no help if he or she crashed a vehicle. They would be fully responsible for any damage caused by the wreck. The driver would also be responsible for their own medical expenses because personal uninsured motorist provisions do not apply to work vehicles.

Many states are trying to change the laws regarding the Uber and Lyft policies. These laws will require both companies to provide insurance for every driver from the time their application is activated. This insurance needs to cover the driver whether they are carrying a passenger or not.

To avoid confrontations, Uber-X decided to implement a $100,000 liability policy. This coverage protects the customers in the vehicle and any individuals in corresponding vehicles that may have suffered injuries. This coverage is 4 times better than the coverage provided by the typical taxi cab company.

Every Uber insured limo vehicle comes with a commercial liability insurance policy worth $1,000,000.

The increase of drivers and car accidents will change the way insurance companies do business in the future. They will need to have hybrid policies or flexible policies for both business and personal drivers if they want to remain competitive.

Drivers who are on a trip with a passenger are covered by a $1 million liability coverage policy and a $1 million uninsured/underinsured coverage policy in case of accidents with un- or under-insured drivers.

So you’re covered, right?

The answer is…maybe.

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Talk to an Experienced Atlanta Uber Lyft Accident Lawyer

If you are a passenger involved or injured in a car accident, you need to talk to an experienced Atlanta Uber Lyft Accident Lawyer. If you contact the law offices of Matthew C. Hines, we will give you the advice and assistance you will need to proceed forward in the right direction.

As you can imagine, the trend of Uber and Lyft is particularly prevalent in LA and, with traffic the way it is there, accidents aren’t exactly infrequent. If you require Atlanta Uber Lyft Accident Lawyer, you may want to speak with West Coast Trial Lawyers about your potential claim.