Marietta Workers Compensation Lawyer



Accidents are commonplace in all kinds of workplaces. Common types of work-related accidents include; back injuries resulting from lifting of heavy objects, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by many years of typing and broken limbs resulting from ladder falls among others. If you are injured at the workplace, it is recommended you hire a Marietta workers compensation lawyer to help you get compensation for your lost wages and medical bills incurred during treatment.

Most people usually experience difficulty filing for workers compensation. Keep reading to get clarity on some of your concerns and have all your questions about workers compensation answered.

Importance of Hiring a Marietta Workers Compensation Lawyer

The workers compensation system was designed to help injured workers get compensation for lost wages and medical bills incurred among other benefits. The system has two main purposes:

– To help employees get benefits after sustaining injuries at work– To prevent lawsuits by employees against employers after sustaining work-related injuries

It may seem like a waste of time to hire a work comp lawyer when the scheme was crafted specifically to help injured workers. However, the insurer and employer may have their own interests, so they may not consider the interests of the employee. Additionally, the insurance company and employer may be reluctant to always pay the full amount in every case.

In some cases, there may be lack of clarity of what caused the workplace injury. The employer or insurer may claim that the accident was due to a pre-existing condition, or that the injuries were sustained in an accident outside the workplace. If you come across these issues, it is crucial you hire a Marietta workers compensation lawyer to protect your rights and ensure you get your compensation in a timely manner.

Why You Need to Hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

In most cases, claims involving minor injuries are usually paid quickly without any delays. However, some cases may be complicated, and may require you to consult a Marietta workers compensation lawyer. The following are some of the issues that may require you to hire a workers compensation lawyer:

Employer Claims Accident Occurred Outside the Workplace

The employer may deny knowledge of the accident occurring at their workplace. In such a case, your lawyer will help you show the link between your work and the accident. Please note that failure to show the link will result in denial of claim and loss of benefits.

You Have a Pre Existing Condition

Pre-existing conditions can make workers compensation claims complicated. After all, your employer may claim that complications associated with the pre-existing condition are to blame for your injuries. However, you should not be disqualified from getting your benefits just because you had a pre-existing condition.

The Accident Caused Serious Injuries That Prevented You From Returning to Work for a Long Time

If you sustained serious injuries that forced you to stay in hospital or home recuperating for a long time, you need to hire a competent workers compensation lawyer to ensure the entire medical bill incurred is sorted out. The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines will also ensure you get the full temporary disability benefits you are entitled to.

Your Injury Can’t Be Quantified Medically

Some injuries are hard to quantify. Broken bones, head damage, spinal injury and other types of serious injuries are easy to quantify, but injuries such as mental trauma are difficult to quantify. In such a case, your lawyer will get a competent medical specialist to evaluate your non-apparent injuries. This will provide you with convincing evidence that will help you get a decent compensation for these injuries.

Delayed or Denied Benefits

When a workers compensation claim is filed, the employer may either delay or refuse to pay your benefits, even if there is sufficient documentation and evidence showing that they are required to pay. If this happens to you, the best thing for you to do is hire a competent workers compensation lawyer to help you file an appeal. Having a competent lawyer by your side will help to ensure your appeal will be successful. In case of delays, your lawyer will help to fast-track the process.

Insufficient Benefits

If your work comp claim is successful, but you have not received the full benefits, it is crucial you hire a workers compensation lawyer to follow up with both your insurer and employer to ensure you get your full medical benefits and wage-replacement benefits. Your lawyer will use the formula defined in law to calculate the benefits and make sure you get the full benefits that are due to you.

Failure to Pay Worker’s Compensation Insurance Premiums

Employers are required by law to enroll eligible workers to the worker’s compensation insurance scheme and pay premiums as required by law. Failure to properly enroll workers and pay premiums can attract legal and financial sanctions. If your premiums have not been paid, you cannot get worker’s compensation benefits. However, you will get your full compensation through the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund. You’ll obviously need the help of a Marietta workers compensation attorney to get your benefits.

Ways a Marietta Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

When you’ve been injured at the workplace, you are entitled to get work comp benefits. Since most insurers and employers may be reluctant to pay your benefits, you need to find a competent lawyer to help you out. A Marietta workers compensation lawyer can help you secure benefits promptly and take care of the appeal process if your claim is rejected. While many injured workers may decide to abandon the fight due to frustrations, you should not. Fortunately, a competent lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

Hiring a Marietta workers compensation lawyer significantly boosts your chances of getting your full benefits. They can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are not sidelined during claims processing. While the claims adjuster and the lawyers of the insurance company may be against you, your lawyer will work hard to ensure the claim is accepted and paid in full by doing the following:

Developing Medical Evidence

The lack of medical evidence if one of the main reasons why workers compensation claims are usually rejected. If you have a competent workers compensation lawyer by your side, you can be assured getting the necessary medical evidence. Your lawyer will do this by:

– Compiling the necessary necessary medical records

– Hiring medical specialists to carry out evaluations and offer specialized treatment

– Seeking the medical opinion of your doctor

– Offering legal representation during hearings

– Deposing medical experts

Negotiating Settlements

A qualified workers’ compensation lawyer knows how to calculate medical benefits, wage replacement benefits and other types of benefits offered by workers compensation insurance to injured workers. Therefore, they can negotiate a settlement effectively with your employer, insurer and all parties involved.

Represent You in Court During Hearings

If it is not possible to resolve the case out of court, your claim may have to go before a worker’s compensation judge. In such a case, your lawyer will cross-examine witnesses and present your case before the court. After the closing remarks have been made in court, the judge will issue the necessary orders. This can be in your favor or against you, depending on how well your lawyer did their job.