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Charges Reduced
August 15, 2018

  • Running a Red Light
  • Possession of Marijuana Charge
  • Cobb County Courthouse

COBB COUNTY – Frederick Mann, Jr. of The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines. LLC successfully resolved another case today in Cobb County State Court.

The client had been stopped for going through a red light and was then told by the Officer he smelled cannabis in the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant was arrested when a small amount of marijuana was discovered, and was charged with both cannabis possession and failure to heed a traffic signal device.

The client pleaded as follows today:

  • NO CONTEST to running the red light (no fine, credit for 1 day in jail at time of arrest), and
  • GUILTY to possession of the cannabis,  for 12 months probation (less 1 day),
  • a $300 fine,
  • 60 hours of community service, and
  • a drug evaluation and
  • any recommended counseling.

The State and judge agreed the defendant would be eligible for a conditional discharge (complete dismissal) of the cannabis charge and early termination of supervision at 6 months if he completed that much of his probation successfully.

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