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There were 854 bicyclists killed in U.S traffic incidents in 2018 and an additional 48000 injured. Bicyclists count for 2% of lethal traffic accidents and 12% of non-motorist deaths related to traffic. Most of these accidents are wrongful deaths, not caused by the bicyclist. More than 47.000 Bicyclists have lost their lives in traffic accidents since 1932. Contact one of our experts on bicycle accidents for guidance on how you can get proper compensation.

These numbers are all presented by The National Center of Statistics and Analysis. You shouldn’t need statistics to know how dangerous traffic can be for bicyclists. Talk to any experienced bicyclist, and they will tell you how dangerous bicycling in traffic is. Have you been involved in a traffic accident, one of our professional personal injury experts can help you. Call us now on 770-941-0913 for a consultation.

Unfortunately, Cyclists are regularly involved in Traffic accidents, often caused by reckless driving by car drivers, usually caused by drivers not looking out for bicycles. Bicyclists take all precautions to avoid accidents with proper protective gear; they statistically always end up as the injured part in accidents. Statistics show that accidents between cars and bicycles are more common today. Opinionated views on cyclists in traffic make the investigation of these accidents complicated and time-consuming.

Accidents involving bicyclists in traffic often result in long-lasting injuries, and permanent ailments for the victim, accidents involving trucks and cars usually have a more critical outcome. Involvement in traffic accidents can be hard enough without dealing with blame or the other party involved. Contacting a personal injury lawyer can help resolve the problem. Outside counsel can help ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly while helping you build a strong case. Victims of traffic accidents often experience financial struggles after the accident, and a good lawyer can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. The law provides that the victim in an accident has the legal right to compensation to help recover their inflicted damage.

Financial damage covered by the law include, among others;

  • The loss of income
  • Expenses related to medical treatment
  • Economic loss
  • Funeral costs

And other costs that might occur depending on the scale of the accident. Victims of traffic accidents often struggle with pain and ailments for long periods after the accident. In the most severe cases where lives are lost, the widow or remaining family has the right to recover their damages. While financial compensation never could replace a loved one, it can allow the family to grieve. They are easing the financial burden after the accident.

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Handling the insurance company

The vehicle driver’s insurance company will start their investigative proceed as soon as the incident is reported. Their main objective is to limit the payout as much as possible by minimizing their policy holder’s blame. They have procedures to handle bicycle accidents as soon as possible, preferably before any major medical expenses have been ramped up.

They will go thoroughly to work right after the incident is reported. They will start recording statements from all parts involved, examine the bicycle and vehicle involved, and document everything with reports and pictures. Afterward, they will grab a copy of the police investigation and start mapping out the extent of any accident injuries. Their investigators work efficiently, and you can expect them to have an overview of the incident within a few days.

The insurance company’s exact strategy and tactic vary from company to company, but their goal is the same. They want to settle any claim as soon as possible. Their underlying goal is to settle any claim before the bicyclist gets a complete view of future medial expenses of financial loss caused by the accident. The size of any claim will depend on injuries suffered by the victim. Allowing the insurance company to settle quickly is nothing but a trap, helping them avoid paying full compensation after a proper review. As the victim, you should never settle for the first claim presented by the opposite part without being reviewed by law professionals.

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Assessing injuries caused by bicycle accidents can be a long process, often taking weeks or months. You can suffer related ailments long after the insurance company’s settlement is signed if you’re not careful. When the settlement is reached, there is no going back. This is why you should always contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer if you or someone in your family is the victim of a bicycle accident involving vehicles.