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Hire An Injury Lawyer When Involved In A DUI Accident

Are you in need of a drunk driving attorney? Is it due to being involved in a car accident in Atlanta GA? Was the driver drunk? Contact our Atlanta injury attorneys right away. Drivers in Georgia who drive a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs are at risking causing an accident and causing serious injury to others on the road. Also, they are violating state law. Under state law, those who have .08 grams or higher of blood alcohol, while operating a vehicle, are deemed to be under the influence. If an intoxicated driver blood alcohol level doesn’t reach .08 grams, or if authorities are not able to test them, the driver could be deemed as less safe, and be charged with an offense that is similar to a DUI offense. It doesn’t matter how much alcohol you have consumed, it is proven that it can cause you to have a slower reaction time, as well as affect your judgment, perception, as well as coordination.

The Truth About Drunk Driving Accidents

Every single year, thousands of people are injured as a result of auto accidents that involve negligence of another driver who is impaired by drugs, or under the influence of alcohol. A lot of the accidents end up being fatal. In matter of fact, more than 10,000 people die in Georgia every year, and this is a result of being involved in a car accident. Accidents can occur anywhere, and they do, including Cobb County. Injuries can lead to life changing alterations, and this goes for the injured individual and members of their family.

The Law Is On Your Side

If you were injured because of someone else operated their vehicle under the influence, then you should know you have rights. Our drunk driving attorney will help you receive compensation. The state of Georgia takes DUI very serious, and those who drink under the influence can expect to face tough penalties. You might also be able to receive punitive damages on top of compensation for your physical and financial hardships. Such damages are designed to punish those who willingly drive drunk or take drugs and drive, and it’s worth pointing out that there is no limit of punitive damages a victim can receive in Georgia, when a case involves alcohol. However, in most cases that don’t involve drinking and driving, the limit is usually $250,000.

Looking For An Attorney

The Law offices of Matthew C. Hines are experienced car accident lawyers, and they have offered help to those who have become victims of drunk driving crimes in the state of Georgia. The attorneys at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines understand how complicated things can get when you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, especially one that involves a drunk driver. We have the experience needed to help you out with your claim. Matthew C. Hines can help you if you need help recovering damages for your hardships. Our firm can help your family out in the event you seek to recover for wrongful death of your loved one. You deserve to be represented by a drunk driving attorney who knows what exactly needs to be done to prosecute your claim, and Matthew C. Hines is that attorney.


Drunk drivers pose a real risk to other motorists that is difficult to overstate. That added level of risk is acknowledged in the fact that those who have been injured by a drunk driver may be entitled to:

  • Larger Settlements
  • Punitive Damages

Drunk drivers can cause serious injuries, and the medical care required because of those injuries is typically very costly. It is essential that you have representation who understands what compensation is available and who knows how to most effectively pursue that compensation.


At the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, we know how to hold drunk drivers accountable for the suffering they cause. Our extensive experience allows us to build strong cases that help our clients secure the full compensation they are entitled to under the law. If it will help our clients’ personal injury cases, we will go to the related traffic court hearings. If the drunk driver is convicted of drunk driving, that can be used as evidence in a personal injury case. We will take all necessary action to make each client’s case as strong as possible.

One of the concerns that follows being hit by a drunk driver is how you will repair the damage to your vehicle. We can help our clients secure the repairs they need.


If a drunk driver was obviously inebriated and was still served alcohol at a bar or restaurant prior to causing an accident, we will investigate those circumstances and pursue liability where appropriate.


When you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, you need to know that your attorney will be committed to helping you and that he or she has the skills and experience needed to help you secure the compensation you need and deserve. Turn to the personal injury attorneys of the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Cobb County drunk driving accident attorneys, call (770) 941-0913 or contact us online.

Seek Help From A Car Wreck Attorney

A trial attorney must have experience dealing with injury claims that result from alcohol-related accidents. The lawyer should investigate your accident as soon as they are able to, because certain types of evidence needs to be preserved.

Do you or someone you know need a drunk driving attorney who has handled many injury cases? If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to another driver drinking and driving, or if someone has been killed as a result of someone drinking and driving, then contact Matthew C. Hines as soon as possible. They will be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation. They will discuss how their firm will go about helping you, if you decide to hire them to help you.