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Who To Trust With Your Bicycle Accident Claim

Two percent of all traffic fatalities can be attributed to bicycle wrongful deaths. Out of all the people injured in car accident this past year, 2% were cyclists. There were 662 riders killed in 2002 that were involved in bicycle accidents, with an additional 48,000 bike accident-related injuries. In that same year 12% of all non-motorist traffic deaths were bicycle riders. Over 47,000 bicycle riders died in car accidents here in the U.S. since 1932. Contact our bicycle accident attorney, Matthew C. Hines.

We get these statistics from our National Center of Statistics & Analysis. You don’t really need the stats, however, all you need to do is talk with an experienced cyclists and they will tell you how dangerous it is. If you have a claim and would like to discuss it with an attorney who is experienced in not only bicycle accidents, but truck accidents or car accidents as well, give us a call.

Sadly, bicycle accidents happen on a regular basis, due to the negligence of many automobile drivers. They simply don’t look out for cyclists. This flies in the face of the cyclists who take every precaution to avoid these accidents. Like the statistics reveal, in a showdown between an automobile and a bicycle, the bicycle usually gets the short end of the stick. These kinds of accidents are far too common today. Investigating these accidents has become a lot more complicated by the bias that is often inherent with members of our law enforcement and public outcries against cyclists.

Bicycle accidents frequently result in serious debilitating and/or permanent injuries, especially the ones that involve trucks and cars. They cause a lot of financial hardship on the victims and their families. The good news is that the law ensures that the injured parties have a right to recover their damages.

These types of damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Expenses
  • Economic Losses
  • Funeral Expenses

and various other damages depending on the details of the accident. Many people are due pain and suffering. In the case of losing a spouse, the living spouse has the right to recover damages for that loss. While monetary recovery in now way replaces or repairs the damages already done, at least it’s something. It helps to lift the financial burden that is the result of the accident.

The insurance company of the driver of the truck or auto will begin their investigation immediately. Their goal is to limit the amount of recovery that will be paid out. They have already set down and established specific procedures for handling claims for bicycle accidents, especially early on.

At this stage of the process they will take down recorded statement from everyone involved with the accident. They will have the bicycle thoroughly examined and pictures taken. They will then grab a copy of the police report and go to work on establishing the extent of any injuries that were suffered in that accident. They like to get this accomplished in the first few days after an accident.

Their approach and the tactics that insurance companies use will vary from one company to another. However, they are basically all after the same goal – to settle quickly with the bicycle rider. What they are attempting to do is avoid paying any future medical expenses or lost wages, as well as various other damages that a victim may incur. Their tactics are nothing but a trap, to avoid the full responsibility of paying for all damages. As a bicycle rider, you should never fall for this.

Contact Our Atlanta, Austell and Gwinnett County Bicycle Accident Attorneys Today

Whenever someone is injured from a bicycle accident, they can take weeks or months to totally have their injuries assessed. Some things could pop up long after you have settled with the insurance company if you aren’t careful. Once you settle, that ends it. You cannot go back and undo it. If you or anyone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident, involving trucks or autos, and would like a No-Obligation FREE consultation, the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines are waiting for your call.