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What You do After a Car Accident Matters

The moments proceeding a car accident can have a direct impact on how your case evolves.  It is important that you seek medical help and contact our lawyers right away.

Who Pays the Medical Bills After an Accident?

Who pays the medical bills after an accident? Often, medical bills can start adding up quickly after a car accident adding additional stress to an already stressful event!  This is especially true if the accident was severe requiring emergency and advanced medical care.  Treatment and recovery can take months and that means months of medical bills as well.

When determining who pays the medical bills from a car accident we look at many resources available to help reduce the impact these bills will have on you.

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Looking at the at-fault person’s insurance:

During the course of our investigations into your case, we will contact the at-fault person’s insurance for coverage for medical bills.  This coverage is called ‘MedPay’ or ‘Medical Payments Coverage.’

We will obtain the coverage limits and begin to send your medical bills to this plan for payment.  The insurance company will then begin paying your medical providers including your own health insurance company if used.

This coverage exists for the sole purpose of paying medical costs that result from the accident their insured caused.  These coverage amounts vary in amount and it is not required coverage in the State of Georgia.  It is possible the person who caused the accident will not have this coverage specifically, but do not fret.  There are other options we look at to help cover your medical expenses.

Your insurance coverages

In the event the person who caused your accident does not have this MedPay coverage or if the medical costs you have from the accident are more than the insurance coverage allows, we would then look to your insurance to help cover your medical costs.  In the State of Georgia, this will not negatively impact your insurance coverage and your rates should not be affected as long as you are not listed as ‘at-fault’ or partial ‘at-fault’ in the accident.  If you pay for this coverage, you should use it when it is needed.

When looking at your insurance we would look at what is called ‘UM’ or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage.  This coverage exists on your insurance policy, if you elected for it,  to cover any expenses not covered by the insurance coverage of the person who caused the accident.

We strongly encourage you to contact your automobile insurance provider and ask them if you have coverage for UM and ‘MedPay,’ which are often times not automatically part of your insurance plan.

If these coverages exist on your policy, the medical costs would then be billed to your coverage for payment.  Again, this should not affect your insurance rates in the State of Georgia, but you cannot use it if you do not have it.

If these coverages do not exist for either party

If neither you nor the person who caused the accident have the above mentioned policy coverages, you still have resources available.  The medical payments in this instance would simply be negotiated down and the settlement offer negotiated up as much as possible and all medical expenses would be paid from the final settlement.  Please understand the law may require we pay the medical providers and these payments are not optional.

This does reduce the potential amount you will get from your settlement however.  Since the medical bills are paid from the settlement, it lowers the amount that you may receive in your pocket.  This is why we encourage you to contact your automobile insurance carrier to ensure you are protected with these coverages.  It helps you in the long run if ever you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a car accident, but you can only obtain the coverage prior to the accident for it to be covered.

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