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On The Job Car Accidents

On the job car accidents can be especially distressing. You may have concerns about lost work time, wages, or personal injury, and proper handling of the experience may depend on whether you were using your own car or driving a company vehicle. This is why guidance from an experienced lawyer is crucial at this time.

A Car Accident On the Job Defined

These circumstances constitute on the job car accidents:

  • Accident occurs during a business trip
  • Accident happens while you were on business and driving a company vehicle
  • Accident occurs while you were on business and driving your own vehicle
  • Accident happens while you were completing errands related to your employment

An accident that occurs while you are operating a company car but performing tasks unrelated to your employment would not constitute an on-the-job accident. Accidents that occur while commuting would not qualify since this travel time is not considered as work time.

Receiving Compensation for your On-the-Job Car Accident

Worker’s compensation should be available if you desire a settlement for your qualifying on-the-job car accident. This compensation option is tailored to assist injured workers, but the coverage can vary from company to company. An employer may attempt to deny coverage, and the offered coverage may not be sufficient for your expenses. Third party claims can be helpful in these scenarios, and a third party claim should be filed if someone else is responsible for your car accident. You can request compensation from this individual or from their insurance provider as a way to cover the expenses that worker’s compensation fails to cover.

Get Help from an Experienced Accident Attorney at our Atlanta, Austell, and Gwinnett County GA Law Firm Offices

The process of combining worker’s compensation with a potential third party claim adds to the complexity of handling on-the-job car accidents. This is why contacting an attorney affiliated with the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines would be highly recommended for anyone seeking fair compensation for a car accident that occurs on the job. You can receive a consultation and information about Georgia worker’s compensation from one of their experienced automobile accident attorneys.