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How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Clients often ask, “how is fault determined?” When a car accident happens, it becomes imperative to determine the cause for the accident to settle claims. Depending on the cause of the accident, insurance companies decide claims.

How is fault determined?

In many of the cases, it is easy to determine who is at fault. If a driver breaks the speed limit or does not follow a traffic signal and ends up smashing another car, the one not observing traffic rules has the fault for causing the accident. The other driver injured in the accident and his car is entitled to compensation.

Sometimes, it is not so easy to determine who is at fault. Both the parties might not be following traffic rules as a result of which the accident happens. In such a case, it becomes difficult to determine which party is actually liable for the accident. This matter may end up in court where legal determination of the cause of fault will take place.

Why Fault determination is Important

When it is difficult to determine fault and both parties have some degree of responsibility, the court must assign a percentage to each party a percentage of damages. The court may decide in favor of one of the parties or split the fault evenly between them.

In Georgia, if the court determines that 51% of the responsibility for the accident lies with one party, then that party must compensate the other party. This is a complex situation where it is difficult to hold responsible the party who is actually responsible for the accident. Hence, an experienced and reputed law firm can only give you a qualified attorney to pursue your case in the court of law. You can contact the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines for a reputed attorney.

A person cannot avoid al car accidents. Hence, it is important to buy a suitable insurance policy and seek the advice of an experienced attorney in case of an accident. The right legal advice will save you from unnecessary financial damages and you will be able to live a stress free life.

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Fault determination is a vital aspect of the process for settling claims after an accident. If you have the right legal expertise on your side, you can more easily convey your point of view to the court and achieve the result you want. So choose a trusted car injury attorney today and say goodbye to the financial worries arising out of an unexpected car accident.