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Aggravated Assault Defense Lawyer

A conviction of aggravated assault can result in jail time, serious fines, and other penalties. Without an experienced aggravated assault defense lawyer in your corner, it can be difficult to defend yourself against these charges. Additionally, accusations of assault can affect a person’s chances of living a normal life, ruining their reputation. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, contact the Hines Law Firm today. An experienced aggravated assault defense lawyer on our legal team can meet with you to discuss your case and prepare an effective defense.

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What is Aggravated Assault?

In Georgia, aggravated assault is defined as an assault with the intent to rob, rape, or murder another person. Aggravated assault can occur by the use of an object that is likely to inflict serious injury or a deadly weapon. 

Another form of aggravated assault can involve an accused person discharging a firearm in the direction of another from within a vehicle without legal justification.
What separates aggravated assault from simple assault is the dangerousness of the assault.

What Are the Penalties for Aggravated Assault in Georgia?

Because aggravated assault is a felony, the penalties can be severe. The penalties for aggravated assault will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • The victim’s status
  • The circumstances of the crime

A person who is convicted of aggravated assault can face imprisonment ranging from one year to twenty years.

How Can An Aggravated Assault Defense Lawyer Help?

When you hire an attorney at the Hines Law Firm, the first step is reviewing your case and determining whether or not the prosecution has the evidence needed to convict, whether the police made any errors, why the incident took place, whether the alleged victim was the aggressor, and what strategy will be the most effective. 

An experienced aggravated assault defense lawyer at the Hines Law Firm can use the following arguments to fight your charges:

Inability to Commit a Violent Injury

At the time of the incident, the person charged with aggravated assault must have had the intent and the means to commit great bodily harm. As an example, if that person had an unloaded firearm, an aggravated assault defense attorney could argue that their client couldn’t inflict great harm.

Self Defense and/or the Defense of Others

A person has the right to defend themselves if they believe they are in danger. An aggravated assault defense attorney can argue on this basis if their client believes the alleged victim was behaving in a threatening manner.

False Accusation

If there’s a lack of witness testimony or hard evidence against their client, the case may be dismissed since there’s only hearsay.

Lack of Intent

If their client inflicts harm on another person accidentally, the attorney can fight to have the case thrown out.

Aggravated Assault Defense Lawyer

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What to Do If You Have Been Accused Of Aggravated Assault

If you’re accused of aggravated assault, you must take certain steps to protect your rights.

Obtain Witness Contact Information

If there were any witnesses at the scene of the incident, obtain their contact information, your attorney will want to speak to them.

Collect Evidence

Take photos of any injuries and of the location where the incident took place, and obtain a copy of a police report and other documentation related to the incident.

Contact An Experienced Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney

Contact an experienced aggravated assault defense lawyer. They can help guide you through the legal process while defending your case. 

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help with Aggravated Assault Charges

If you’re facing aggravated assault charges, you must act quickly to defend your rights and your freedom. Begin by meeting with an aggravated assault defense attorney with experience handling these types of charges. An experienced attorney can provide the legal advice and guidance you need. When you meet with your lawyer, bring any evidence with you, including contact information for any witnesses. Do not speak to anyone about your charges, and avoid saying anything to law enforcement officials that can be incriminating. 

Your attorney will handle any interactions with the prosecution and will investigate your incident to determine whether it’s possible to have the charges dismissed, or reduced. During this time, they will ask you to be as transparent about your situation as possible and avoid contacting the alleged victim or speaking to them in any capacity. Your attorney will be communicative, available to answer any questions you have, and will provide the legal guidance and support you need during this stressful time.

Why Choose the Hines Law Firm?

With years of experience, the skilled aggravated assault defense lawyers at the Hines Law Firm will provide an expert defense, while walking you through each step of the process. Our goal is to restore a client’s reputation by protecting their freedom and having the charges against them reduced or dismissed. 

With our effective defense strategies and aggressive representation, we will work tirelessly to clear your name.

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