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Individuals keen on becoming permanent American residents should have a green card. The name is ‘green card’ because the card was originally in green. Also called a permanent alien registration card, a green card provides an individual quite a few immigration advantages, which includes the freedom to stay and earn in America. If you or your friend(s) or family members are interested in getting the card, we recommend you immediately get in touch with Matthew C. Hines, a green card immigration attorney at his office.

In the beginning, the green card provides the person a residential status with conditions, for a couple of years. Post the period, the person is qualified to get a permanent visa for a decade. As long as the permanent residence visa holder’s conduct remains good, hasn’t committed a crime or breached the immigration status in some way or the other, the green card can be renewed for an indefinite period.

For individuals keen on obtaining citizenship and naturalization, an application can be put through, provided all requisites are met. One primary qualification is the person should either have been married to an American citizen for a minimum of three years, or stayed in America for a minimum of five years if the resident visa was procured other than through a wedlock.

The application procedure for a green card is complicated, needing strict adherence to the regulations and deadlines of the federal body. The chances of erring are in abundance; and errors, regardless of their size, could lead to the denial of application and also deportation, in some rare cases.

As you seek help with your application for green card, you’ll have several immigration consultants putting their services on offer. These practitioners do not possess legal qualifications or knowledge essential for guiding clients. Often, the mistakes and missteps of such consultants cause issues resulting in the removal of the client from America. It’s, therefore, important to not let someone else shatter your American dream.

Green Cards Based on Employment

There are many ways your American employment status can fetch you a green card:

Self-petition: Our office excels at procuring green cards via self-petition. Individuals who are eligible as “aliens with exceptional ability,” “advanced degree professionals,” or “aliens with extraordinary ability” could self-petition. Visit our national interest waivers page to learn more.

Petition based on employment: The usual process for procuring a green card based on employment comprises employer sponsorship. Your company should undergo a labor certification formality, which signifies your professional stance is not snatching away a native American’s potential job opportunity, and then put in the Form I-140 file (“Alien Worker Immigrant Petition”).

Investment: If you substantially invest in America, which creates job opportunities for American workers, you are eligible for a green card.

Green Cards Based on Family

LPRs (lawful permanent residents) or American citizens can put in a petition for having their extended family members live with them in America. The green cards available via such petitions are limited annually, so that the immigration wait times are longer. The waiting period is based on your native country, your link with the LPR or American citizen and the total number of individuals who’ve put in a visa request.

To know more about such green card options, kindly head to our family immigration page.

Consular Processing and Status Adjustment

A green card can be applied for in a couple of ways, based on your location at the time of applying.

Consular Processing: If you’re outside America, you must undergo consular processing for obtaining a green card. Once you get your immigrant number and your petition approved, you can put in a green card application via the consulate for the U.S. Department of State.

Status Adjustment: If you already reside in America, you could opt to alter your status instead of returning to your homeland for consular processing. Once your petition gets approved and the immigrant number is up, you can put in the Form I-485 file (Application for Adjusting Permanent Residence Status or Adjusting the Status) and undergo an interview for requesting permanent residency.

Abogados para Green Card

Muchas personas desean viajar a los Estados Unidos y alcanzar, por medio de una situación legal estable, su idea de sueño americano. El constante desarrollo industrial, económico, así como la riqueza cultural y las grandes posibilidades de establecerse en la sociedad con mayor crecimiento del mundo, mueven a miles de personas cada año, a viajar a los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, las leyes en materia de migración, resultan estrictas y por tal motivo, estos sueños pueden verse frustrados por muchas personas. Los abogados de inmigración de lMatthew C. Hines están en capacidad de ofrecer su experiencia y conocimiento en esta materia para ayudarle.

¿Como funciona el Green Card?

Es pertinente antes que tomar la decisión de viajar al país, conocer los principales requerimientos para quienes deseen acceder al estatus de ciudadano en los Estados Unidos. Básicamente la Green Card es un documento de identificación para residentes en los Estados Unidos que no sean ciudadanos. Este documento es susceptible de ser retirado al portador del mismo, de acuerdo a la ley; esto, por ejemplo, puede suceder como castigo por determinados delitos o actos cometidos. La ausencia de más de seis meses por fuera del país durante el año, puede hacer perder automáticamente la Green Card.

Como proteger su Green Card

El no pago de impuestos, es otra causal para perder este privilegio. En la parte eminentemente legal, los delitos contra ciudadanos estadounidenses o contra su patrimonio: hurto agravado, homicidio, delitos contra la moral, etc., resultan ser factores de frecuente pérdida del privilegio de la ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos. Del mismo modo, no notificar debidamente a las autoridades un eventual cambio de domicilio, es una causal que podría llevar a perder la Green Card. De igual manera existen otros mecanismos para adquirir el privilegio de la ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos.

Uno de estos es la conocida lotería de visas. El gobierno de los Estados Unidos, anualmente entre un grupo de inscritos, hace un sorteo de 50.000 Green Cards.

¿Cuando se puede pedir una visa de residente?

Entre los meses de octubre y noviembre se abren las inscripciones de los aspirantes a las visas de residentes. En mayo del año siguiente, se publican las listas de los beneficiarios, que en septiembre, pueden hacer uso de su estatus de ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos. Principalmente los beneficiarios de este mecanismo de ciudadanía, son los inmigrantes de países con tasas bajas de inmigración a los Estados Unidos. Es conveniente revisar la lista de países excluidos por el Departamento de Estado.

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