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How to Defend Against Cummings Domestic Abuse Claims

How to Defend Against Cummings Domestic Abuse ClaimsIf you are accused and charged with domestic abuse in Cummings, you need to get in touch with our legal team at Hines Law right away. It’s important to begin building your defense right away in these types of situations.

Our legal team has years of experience defending individuals in your situation and can provide you with the quality and aggressive legal defense you need. While this is true, it’s also beneficial to know some of the most common defenses that can be used. Keep reading to learn what those are.

The Top Potential Defenses Against Domestic Abuse Charges

When our legal team investigates your case and situation, we will determine if the police report is consistent with what you say has happened. We will also gather additional information and evidence to support your claim. Some of the main ways that you can defend a domestic abuse accusation can be found here.

You Didn’t Do It

If you claim that the person accusing you of domestic abuse was abused by someone else, we will search for evidence that supports this claim. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Establish where you were when the abuse occurred. The goal is to determine if you were or were not close to the scene when the crime occurred.
  • Establish a credible alibi.
  • Look for incriminating evidence that will prove you were at the scene of the abuse. This includes physical evidence to show you were at the scene, someone who overheard you there, or a recording that picked up your voice.

The Accuser Lied about Your Involvement

There were situations when the person who accused you of domestic abuse fabricated the entire story to get “even.” If this is the defense that you choose to use, then we will work to establish the following:

  • If the injuries on the victim support what you say.
  • If your story is inconsistent with the police report. For example, you claim the victim injured themselves in the shower, but there are no signs that their injuries occurred in there.

The Situation Was an Accident

What this means is that you do not deny that you were present when the person was injured but that you caused the injury by accident.

If the defense that you established is that everything that happened was an accident, then we will work to investigate the situation to help confirm what you say. For example, if you make the claim that a hammer slipped and hit your spouse while you were making repairs, we will look to see if there are repairs going on where you said, where the hammer is located, and where your spouse was during the accident, and for other potential evidence to use.

You Were Defending Yourself

If you make the claim that you were only trying to defend yourself or your children when the accused domestic abuse occurred, then we will look for the following:

  • Check the report from the police to see if there is an admission by the accuser that they used violence in any way.
  • Find out why the individual used violence against you (for example, they were frightened of you).
  • Compare the story that you give to what was told to the authorities.
  • Check to see if any of the injuries that the victim experienced prove that self-defense was involved.
  • Look for any defensive injuries on you.
  • Try to find inconsistencies that will prove what you say is true.

Our Legal Team Is Ready to Fight for You

If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you have rights. It’s important to know what your rights are, and the best way to do this is by getting in touch with our legal team at Hines Law as soon as you can.

We will work to build a solid defense that helps show why you should not face severe consequences for the accusation of domestic abuse. While these cases can be complex, we are ready for the challenge.

The first step in building a defense for an Atlanta domestic abuse case is to contact our legal team. We should schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your case. Our goal will be to find the right defense strategy for your situation and collect evidence that supports it.

You can count on us to provide you with aggressive Cummings legal services to help you with your criminal charge. We want to ensure that every client who comes to us has the best possible defense for their situation. Get in touch today so we can get started. We are your ally in these difficult and stressful times.


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