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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce lawyer in Atlanta, Austell and Gwinnett County

What are uncontested divorces?

It is when the couple agrees on all required issues to effectively and conclusively terminate the marriage that an uncontested divorce occurs, and also when nothing of any consequence is left unresolved or disputed.  This is almost always handled by an experienced divorce attorney. It is not with an amicable divorce however, that this type agreement is necessarily equated. The agreement means instead that all the couple’s raised items of the ispute were settled out of court, and did not meet the requirement of judicial adjudication.

Because it is simple, speedy, private, convenient, and relatively inexpensive, most couples would likely express a preference for an uncontested divorce. Divorcing couples will typically highlight as the major advantages of the uncontested divorce the cost savings and the efficiency. To achieve an uncontested divorce, lawyers are not required, although they very often are and certainly can be if needed. It is so important though to understand and be aware that any party may without the assistance of legal counsel, technically file a complaint or petition for divorce themselves.

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When it is a couple with a minor child or children that an uncontested divorce involves, very often it will be to the applicable court that the case will be referred so that in child custody matters, they may conduct interviews and make recommendations. Those matters of custody are in regard to the sort of custody determined to be in the best interest of the child, which parent will receive custody of the children, and the amount of the child support award. Should there be on the part of either spouse any objection to the rulings made, then usually there will be an intervention by counsel, and the divorce then becomes a contested one. If there are not any objections that are filed, the case continues on to court.

The end of a marriage is already a heartbreaking and emotionally stressful event. Most agree that there is little reason to make it any worse than it absolutely has to be. If your soon to be ex and you can come to an agreement involving the children’s custody, division of debts and assets, you will be able to avoid a drawn-out, expensive, and often nasty experience. Very often this option will be referred to as a “no fault” or uncontested divorce. Matthew C. Hines, the Family Law attorney, has so much experience in the issue of uncontested divorce, and can very quickly get this action filed and moving.

Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Attorney

It is not an uncommon thing to hear of those uncontested divorce lawyers who promise the public low, flat-fee divorces, but end up nickel and diming them into a ridiculous cost in the process that winds up being a small fortune. You are not going to be receiving any charges for things such as copies or postage. The only additional costs you will see are going to be the fee for the court filing, and that for the parenting class(where it might be required). Court filing fees are typically about $207, but may vary somewhat depending upon the county where the filing of the uncontested divorce takes place.

When an agreement is reached by both parties, any agreement that is created you stay in control of. The paperwork you submit will be reviewed by the judge in uncontested divorce actions, and unless there is some unusual provision, they will typically approve what has been agreed to by you and your spouse. It can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences to allow a judge to make decisions for you.

An uncontested divorce may be the right option for you, as long as your ex-spouse and you can treat each other fairly, and communicate well. Our firm can assist you in navigating through any difficult issues such as alimony, visitation, child custody, child support, property division, and equitable division of debt and assets. Family Law attorney, Matthew C. Hines, can handle all these issues and matters in an uncontested divorce.

For What Reason Hire An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer?

When it comes to hiring an attorney in an uncontested divorce matter, the internet is plagued with various online alternatives. Use of these sources will very often lead one to a vast amount of unintended consequences. Very often, these documents will be filled with all sorts of legal jargon that no one can offer you any explanations of what they mean. The Georgia Child Support Worksheet is one of the more difficult areas to work through, and judges will often toss them out per se (filing without an attorney) because they simply are not prepared properly. This will cost you substantially more money over the course of time.