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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

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Do Cars or Trucks Cause more Accidents in Atlanta

Do Cars or Trucks Cause more Accidents in AtlantaAs you drive through Atlanta, there’s a common trend on the highways and roads – large commercial trucks. These trucks are an essential part of the modern economy and are responsible for moving millions of tons of goods and cargo every single day.

While they are a vital part of the economy, they also pose serious hazards to others on the road. When a truck accident occurs, they are usually more devastating than accidents that involve passenger vehicles.

Because of the prevalence of large trucks on the road, many wonder what’s more dangerous – truck accidents or car accidents. This is a good question and one that is answered here.

If you are involved in any type of accident on Atlanta roadways, you have rights if it is caused by another driver. We recommend getting in touch with our car accident lawyers at Hines Law to learn more about your rights and ensure they are protected.

Are Truck Accidents Really That Common?

According to statistics, there are many more passenger vehicles on roads in the U.S. (and in Atlanta) than large, commercial trucks. Because of this, accidents that involve these large trucks are not as common. This makes sense because there are fewer of them on the road.

While this is true, if a truck accident occurs, the potential of devastating injuries is much higher. That’s mainly due to the weight and size of these vehicles.

Based on information from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) over 4,000 people die in truck accidents in 2018. During the same year 36,000 people were killed in passenger vehicle accidents. Truck accidents aren’t as common as car accidents, but they are much more destructive.

Are Large Trucks Safer Than Passenger Vehicles?

A tractor-trailer that is fully packed can weigh significantly more than most passenger vehicles and stand over 13 feet off the ground. What this means is that their centers of gravity are much higher than other vehicles on the road. This also means that the trucks are more susceptible to shifts in momentum. Trucks have some of the same safety features as passenger cars to help keep the drivers safe; however, the truth is, the vehicles are some of the most dangerous that are on the roads today.

How Many Truck Drivers Die Due to Rollover Accidents?

The higher center of gravity of larger trucks means they are much more vulnerable to rollovers if a driver takes a turn too quickly or sharply or if they try to overcorrect their steering. According to the NHTSA, it’s estimated that truck rollover accidents cause about 100 deaths per year across the U.S. Some of these deaths are the truck drivers. However, other drivers and passengers in nearby vehicles are often fatally injured during these incidents, too.

Is a Truck Safer in Accidents for the Driver and Passengers?

If you are trying to figure out what type of vehicle is the most dangerous on the road today, the truth is that accidents can occur at any time. While truck accidents don’t happen as often, they usually cause more damage. Also, the safety of any vehicle depends on its mechanical integrity, quality of the road, and driving conditions. It also comes down to the responsibility, attention, and skill of the driver.

It’s true that larger vehicles are more durable in an accident than a lighter and smaller passenger vehicle. This is a fact of physics. While the driver of a large truck is usually better insulated from accidents than the driver of a passenger vehicle, the truth is that an accident can result in all types of property losses, devastating injuries, and even fatalities. Every driver on the road has the responsibility to drive in a safe and responsible manner. Even though this is the case, truck drivers have a bigger duty of care because of their professional status.

Staying Safe on Atlanta Roads

The truth is, while passenger vehicles are more commonly involved in accidents, large truck accidents are far more devastating. Because of this, they are equally problematic.

If you are involved in an car accident in Atlanta, it’s smart to get in touch with our car accident lawyers at Hines Law to ensure your rights are protected. You can count on us to learn about the facts of your case and fight to help you recover the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and losses.

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