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Personal Injury Lawyer

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys In Dallas, Ga Are Here To Help

Every day life is somewhat predictable. We know when we will wake up, where we will go to work and usually when we get home. What we can’t account for are those moments in between that might create an unexpected delay. Accidents can happen and often times someone gets hurt. If you get hurt, do you have someone to help? Don’t worry our Dallas personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines are here to help you. They are the best Dallas GA Personal Injury Lawyer. We all have insurance companies that are here to help, but we also know that they try to help themselves too and sometimes that means that you won’t receive what’s rightfully yours. Getting full compensation for a personal injury is what we do. Please contact one of our attorneys immediately if you have suffered in an accident and injury has befallen you so that we may review your case.

Here’s What We Can Help With Personal Injury

Personal injuries can encompass a variety of different incidents much like the following:

  • Car accidents – one of the most common personal injury case types handled. Various factors can contribute to a car accident such as speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and drugged driving or reckless driving all caused by the negligence of another driver. Learn more about car accident faqs.
  • Criminal Law – refers to the act of getting arrested for a misdemeanor or a crime such as traffic violations, illegal drug violations, assault and battery charges, homicide, sexual assault and more.
  • Workplace Accidents – an occurrence at work where negligence on behalf or other employees (Also known as worker’s compensation) or your employer causes you physical or mental injury while at your place of occupation

Those are just a few of what is considered to be a very broad spectrum of personal injuries. One that wasn’t mentioned above but should be considered is child injuries. All of them are due to some sort of negligence from another party. Matthew Hines and his attorneys are here to assist you. Contact them so you can speak with an expert and reliable attorney about the validity of your case.

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What Is Negligence?

Negligence is the willful disregard for another person’s safety and well-being and it is one of the highest factors that contributes to personal injury cases. A neglectful automobile accident may include an incident in which the driver was intoxicated, distracted or intentionally not following the traffic rules. A workplace injury can count as a personal injury if the employer knew about a possible hazard and did not act in any way to protect the injured employee. In the medical field, negligence is any act that does not reflect the oath that the expert swore to when he or she accepted a position as a caregiver.

How Much Compensation Can You Receive?

No definitive amount of compensation exists in a personal injury case. The amount of the award depends on the items that you have lost and the degree of negligence. A judge can award two types of compensation: compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages cover medical expenses, lost work wages, repair costs and daily living expenses during a period of immobilization. Punitive damages are an extra award that some judges order an extremely neglectful party to pay. For example, a judge might order punitive damages against a drunk driver because that person willfully operated a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

How A Lawyer Calculates Damages

An attorney will calculate your damages by first determining if you had any responsibility in the incident. Your claim will not be valid if you are more than 50 percent at fault for the incident. If you are less than 50 percent responsible, then your award will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For example, a judge will order a payment of $75,000 on a $100,000 settlement in which your percentage of fault was 25 percent. Zero fault will result in you receiving your full settlement amount.

If You Think You Might Have A Personal Injury Case Here’s What To Do

Your quest for compensation and justice begins with you contacting a reliable Dallas GA personal injury lawyer such as Matthew C. Hines. The attorney will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your options. If the lawyer feels as though you have a valid case, then he or she will invite you to accept representation. You may not have to pay anything until you receive a judgment in your favor and a settlement in your hand. At such a time, the attorney may collect his or her fees by deducting a percentage of your settlement. Contingency representation is a painless process.

Settling Out Of Court

Our attorneys will try to settle your case out of court before it goes to trial. We understand that you want to pay your bills sooner than later. We can construct a letter to the offending party that asks such a party to pay restitution. Some organizations may agree with out-of-court settlements to avoid spending time in the media. Other parties may not be willing to accept such an arrangement. In that case, you will have to have the best lawyer by your side to take the case to trial. You can speak with such a person today by calling us to set up a free consultation.