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Crimes involving drug use or trafficking incur extremely serious consequences that include years of jail time and a permanent blotch to your record. With the help of our criminal drug crime attorneys, you can be fairly represented in court. When you contact our local law office, attorney Matthew C. Hines can inform you of your rights and walk you through the upcoming court proceedings.

Being accused of a drug crime is an extremely serious matter. You need a professional lawyer by your side that’s well-versed in the language of criminal law in order to fully understand the charges you’re facing and the serious consequences that will result if you are found guilty. Our experienced drug crime attorneys will inform you of your constitutional rights and any legal options you have during the upcoming trial. Whether you’re looking to prove your innocence, get the criminal charges dropped, or obtain a favorable plea bargain, we’re the place to call! We offer flexible appointment times with experienced lawyers who will give your case the personal attention you deserve.

As soon as you become aware of criminal drug accusations contact our Law Office. Matt Hines will find an experienced and fully qualified lawyer to take you through this legal process step-by-step. Call today to discuss your situation with a qualified drug crime attorney.

All drug crime charges in Atlanta, Georgia somehow involve the sale, transportation, manufacturing, possession, trafficking or distribution of an unlawful substance. Atlanta narcotics authorities could charge an individual with the unlawful use or possession of a drug in a variety of forms such as:

  • crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamines like speed, heroin, LSD, PCP
  • Refined cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • PCP and
  • ecstasy.

Matthew C. Hines is a former prosecutor who was educated at Harvard Law School who provides Atlanta area residents with an aggressive legal defense.

Various types of drug crimes can include any of the following:

  • Possession of a narcotic substance
  • Possession of any sort of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of a controlled substance with an intent to sell it
  • Transporting a controlled substance
  • Transporting some controlled substance with an intent to sell it
  • Selling or furnishing some controlled substance to a minor
  • Selling some other substance in lieu of selling a controlled substance

The penalties associated with getting convicted of a drug crime can vary widely depending on certain factors. Prosecutors will file charges depending on the type of drug involved, how much there is of it, whether it was possessed for personal use or sale and whether or not the person being charged was convicted of a crime before. The consequences can include jail time, restitution, probation, huge legal fines and possibly even mandatory drug counseling programs. Authorities in the city of Atlanta often work with other police departments around the country to get people extradited from out of state in order to face charges issued by the state of Georgia.

Drug crime allegations can also be added together to make rather severe charges. Law enforcement agencies will often charge a person with possession for sale even if the individual actually only had the narcotics for personal use. Hiring an aggressive defense attorney is very important when it comes to these kinds of cases. Experienced drug crime attorneys can actually sometimes get possession charges thrown out as a result of unfair law enforcement practices. Serious drug cases can be pled down to more simple possession charges that come with penalties of diversion programs and counseling instead of jail time.

Authorities are sometimes able to execute search warrants in areas that they suspect are being used to house illegal drugs. Property can then be seized if drugs are found. Suspects can actually loose their property permanently. This includes homes, money and automobiles.

Getting Experienced Drug Crime Attorneys on Your Side

Those who are arrested or charged with a drug crime should get in touch with local attorney Matthew C. Hines. He has the knowledge and experience to fight even difficult drug cases. He used to work as a prosecutor, and he knows exactly which motions to file defense drug crimes attorney. Some police officers have a history of filing false arrest warrant affidavits. Hines is an attorney who knows how to uncover this kind of unlawful police conduct. This can lead to the prosecutor dismissing or reducing your case. Hines will actually go to court with you and even assist in getting you released from custody.


If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, contact Law Office of Matthew C. Hines to discuss your case with an understanding defense attorney. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, a lawyer from our firm may be able to help you obtain a favorable plea deal, help you prove your innocence, or even get the charges against you dropped completely. The key is to act quickly, so call us today.

Ley de crimen por drogas

Los crímenes que tienen que ver con drogas, son considerados graves para la ley de los Estados Unidos. Entre sus consecuencias inmediatas están las penas de varios años de cárcel, así como a largo plazo, una sanción permanente en el registro ciudadano ante la justicia estatal. Ayudado por un abogado experto en las leyes criminales de droga, un acusado puede salir bien librado en la corte. Matthew C. Hines, además de indicarle su verdadero estatus legal, podrá representarlo ante las cortes, yendo siempre a su lado en cada una de las fases del proceso jurídico.

Ser acusado de un crimen por drogas es un verdadero asunto serio para la justicia de los Estados Unidos. Es necesario contar con un experto abogado para conocer las consecuencias legales y las posibilidades de poder resolver el juicio lo mejor posible para el acusado. Los profesionales de Matthew C. Hines, en leyes de crimen por drogas, están listos para darle a conocer sus derechos constitucionales, así como las opciones legales con las que pueden contar para defenderse. De cualquier manera, su abogado defensor intentará rebajar al mínimo los cargos, consiguiendo el mejor arreglo con la justicia, siempre a su favor.

Si infortunadamente usted ha resultado acusado de algún crimen por drogas, antes que cualquier cosa, deberá contratar un abogado defensor, ya que resulta bastante arriesgado intentar una defensa propia, para un caso tan delicado como el de crimen por drogas. En Atlanta, Georgia, todos los cargos de delitos o crímenes por drogas, están relacionados con posesión, venta, producción o fabricación de drogas ilícitas. La posesión de drogas para las autoridades de Atlanta, acarrea cargos penales, como es el caso del LSD, marihuana, cocaína, metanfetaminas, PCP, éxtasis, etc. Matthew C. Hines, ex fiscal, con estudios en la prestigiosa universidad de Harvard, está capacitado para ejercer una defensa efectiva a su favor.

Ya sea posesión de estupefacientes, parafernalia de drogas (dispositivos o mecanismos para la ocultación de la misma), transporte, venta, suministro o distribución de cualquier tipo. Dependiendo del tipo de fármaco, el fiscal hará cargos al acusado; del mismo modo, si este ha tenido un reporte anterior o entrada en la cárcel anteriormente, tendrá que ver en la decisión que se tome. Las condenas pueden ir desde una multa, hasta varios años en prisión o penas obligatorias para resarcir el daño social, todo dependiendo de la manera en que el abogado lleve su caso.

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