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Our business formation attorneys will help you successfully establish a business in Georgia. Initially, your business needs to be established properly with the correct legal agreements, filings, contracts, non-compete agreements, etc. Properly establishing these items ensure that a business can run successfully and can avoid the pitfalls which arise later in the life-cycle of the enterprise. Many people make the mistake of “skimping” on the initial setups in an effort to save money and time; however, most professionals will tell you to do it right the first time instead of spending thousands trying to correct the mistakes you could have solved initially.

Our professionals have helped numerous individuals in Marietta and other areas of Georgia establish their business and handle the proper filings with the state or county which ensure a solid grounding for future expansion.

If you are planning to start a business or grow an existing one, the law offices of Matthew C Hines can help. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today to find out all you need to know about business formation.

When you have the right legal guidance from someone who knows the legal ins and outs, it is much easier to start or grow your business, or pass it on to the next generation.

Business Formation Attorney Matthew C Hines offers:
  • Negotiating documents and legal counsel for anyone forming a new company, limited liability partnership or joint venture.
  • Expert tax advice on liability risk and any tax consequences you will have.
  • Business reorganization
  • Drawing up stock purchase paperwork or issuing stock.
  • Advice on controlling a business and transferring assets legally and correctly.

Business formation attorney Matthew C Hines will help you to save money and time if you are starting or growing a business. Spending money to get the best possible legal advice will save you money and potential problems in the long run, making it essential to have a well drawn up contract. The services offered by Matthew C Hines include drafting and negotiating contracts, and reviewing a wide range of business formation related transactions including:

  • Independent contractor agreements, contracts for sales staff and employment.
  • Manufacturing, customer and vendor contracts.
  • Equipment leases and leases for commercial real estate.
  • Business property sale and purchase agreements.

Attorney Matthew C Hines helps his clients with arbitration or mediation whenever necessary, and these practical answers to business disagreements or disputes are able to solve issues much more effectively and at a lower cost. As a business owner, you may find that you need to protect the best interests of your company in court, and Matthew C Hines brings his years of experience to help you, offering the best and most knowledgeable legal representation.

Matthew C Hines can assist you with unfair competition cases and situations involving unfair business practice, as well as non complete agreements and breach of employment covenants. If you have an issue with copyright or trademark lawsuits, lease or construction lawsuits, he can help and also is able to assist with issues involving tax litigation in the US tax court, or tax litigation in the Georgia court.

Whether you want to file a single-member LLC or a larger, complex business venture, let the attorneys at The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines make sure you are on the right path. We will advise you on the best structure for your new business and complete all the attendant paperwork on your behalf.