Will A Lawyer Take My Case

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Will A Lawyer Take My Case


Car accidents can be serious and complicated, and you may wonder, “What should I do if I got the ticket at the site of the accident?” This question is asked often, and the dedicated staff at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines can help.

Many cases are classified as minor, and there may be no need for an extensive investigation. Situations involving serious injuries or surgery are different, and we will work diligently in our efforts to divulge the facts and determine the truth.

What Are Some Potential Scenarios Where We Can Offer Assistance To Injured Parties Who Received Tickets?

  • The crash occurs when both parties swerve in an attempt to change lanes.
  • The crash happens as a result of a left turn across oncoming traffic.
  • The crash concerns two parties claiming that they had the right of way according to the traffic signal.
  • The accident report lists an eyewitness to the occurrence.
  • The other mode of transportation is a company vehicle. The vehicle may be equipped with a data recorder, and the recorder may contain evidence to support your case.

Our firm handles genuine car accident injuries and serious accidents exclusively. We do not handle minor collisions that result in mild and temporary discomfort. Serious accidents can alter life in many ways, and this is what the Personal Injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines are always ready to resolve.

Our Firm services the entire Metro Atlanta and are here to help. Call the office of Matthew C. Hines for your free consultation at 770-874-1754.