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Do You Need To Hire Attorney

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Do You Need To Hire Attorney


The short answer is most definitely. An attorney can and will assist you greatly in the recovery of any losses that result from the accident, and be of excellent value cutting through all the “red tape” inevitably involved with any claims resulting from the car accident. Getting hold of a personal injury lawyer after an accident occurs, offers multiple benefits. For example, it will ensure just resolution of the case and prevent you from paying large monetary damages unfairly.

Please review the following information which is so important regarding the hiring of a car accident attorney.

Why You Truly Require A Personal Injury Attorney With Experience

The unfortunate truth is that car accidents can and do occur on a daily basis. The fact is that in the U.S., the majority of personal injury claims are the result of truck, car or other motor vehicle accidents. A lot of these accidents are simply minor “fender benders” and usually one can resolve these dealing directly with the involved insurance companies. The more serious accidents however, which involve significant damage, physical injuries or even fatalities will demand proper representation from an experienced and competent Atlanta car accident lawyer.

The attorney working on your behalf will assist you in getting proper compensation to cover any losses, whether it’s car repairs, lost wages, or medical expenses. In many states, the proper attorney can assist you in the recovery process after the wrongful death of a loved one, particularly if the accident involved speeding, drunk driving, or reckless driving.

What To Look For In An Attorney

In your search for the right lawyer for you, you will want to focus on their location, skill level, experience, commitment and fee structure.

As an example, the attorney you choose should know national and state transportation laws well, how best to deal with health care and insurance companies, and how best to prepare a case effectively and settle it.

Finally, most good attorneys will take your case on a “no win-no fee” contingency basis if they believe the case has proper merit to it. This is why it is so important to take the time to check carefully the attorney’s standard fee structure.

How to Hire the Right Attorney

To avoid any mistakes which could be very costly, it is best to hire a lawyer as quickly as you possibly can. From state to state, the personal injury claims filing deadline varies. Because you may have to cover for lost wages or pay medical bills, the faster you hire the attorney, the better off you will be. You don’t want to go more than a week or so before hiring an attorney, and you certainly want them working for you before reaching any settlements with the insurance company.

Questions To Ask

You want to have as much information as you can gather regarding the accident, potential financial losses and all injury data available before you speak to a lawyer. When you do employ the attorney, you will want to show them any documents you may have such as medical records, accident scene information, and your insurance policy.

  • The following are some questions you might pose prior to hiring an attorney.
  • Car accident cases comprise what percentage of your practice?
  • Regarding the specific injuries in my case, what experience do you have dealing with them?
  • For cases like mine, what is a typical settlement range?
  • What is the structure of your fees?
  • In regards to my particular case, how much will you personally be handling?
  • What will I be responsible for in terms of out-of-pocket expenses?

Attorney Fees

Attorneys handle the majority of these matters on a “no win-no pay” contingency basis. This means that if the attorney doesn’t win the case, they will not receive compensation. However, if they do win, they typically will receive a percentage usually ranging somewhere between one third to forty percent. Keep in mind also that you may possibly have to pay some out-of-pocket costs involved with your case.

The very best news of all is that you can and should get a free consultation before you get everything rolling to better understand just what you are looking at. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 770-746-7909

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