Reinstating Your Drivers License


If you fail a sobriety test and an officer charges you with a DUI, a judge can convict you of this crime and revoke your driving privileges. If this was your first violation, you can still have your license suspended for at least one year. If you put yourself in this situation, it will be tougher for you to travel from place to place. You may have to shamefully ask your friends and family members for rides, or you will have to rely on public transportation. Your suspended license may also jeopardize your employment because traveling to work will be challenging for you. To avoid these hardships, you will need to reinstate your drivers license after a DUI conviction.

Reinstate Drivers License through a Legal Proceeding

Police officers will confiscate your license and give you a 30-day temporary license if they charge you with a DUI. After the arrest, you will have 10 days to challenge the charge by way of a hearing request at the Department of Drivers Services (DDS). If you can prove the officer arrested you under false pretenses, the administrative judge will give you your license until you can plead your case in court. Instead of handling this matter without an attorney, you will have more success by hiring the experienced criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines.