Leaving The Scene DUI


A hit and run is considered a felony. There are numerous statutes that outlaw leaving the scene of a DUI accident in Georgia. One of these is O.C.G.A. section 40-6-270. This statute says that a driver of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident that results in death or injury to someone else, or damage to another vehicle that is being driven or attended by said individual must stop his or her vehicle right away instead of leaving the scene. He or she must give his or her registration number for the vehicle, name and address. It also is recommended that the individual show his or her drivers license to either the driver or another occupant of the vehicle that was struck. It also may be necessary that the person assist the individual(s) by providing transportation or making an arrangement for transportation to a hospital, surgeon, or physician. He or she should make sure that the police and emergency medical personnel are contacted for immediate assistance. The driver should avoid leaving the scene until he or she has fulfilled all of the requirements outlined above.

O.C.G.A. section 40-6-271 states that a driver of a vehicle that has collided with another vehicle that has no individual attending to it should do his or her duty to locate or notify the owner or driver of the vehicle of what has occurred. It is necessary for the driver to give his or her name and address to the other owner or driver. If he or she is not able to locate the individual, an effort must be made to leave a written note of the driver’s name and address at the scene. Leaving the scene of the accident without doing so will mean that the individual will face serious consequences.

O.C.G.A. section 40-6-272 states that a driver of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident that results in damage to a fixture on a vehicle that is legally on or beside a highway, should make a reasonable effort to to notify or locate the owner or driver of the occurrence before leaving. The driver’s name and address should be given to him or her, as well as the registration number of the driver’s vehicle. Upon request, the driver may show his license if he or she has it readily available.

O.C.G.A. section 40-6-273 states that the driver of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident which results in death or injury to another individual, or damage that amounts to $500 or more, must contact the local police immediately if the accident happens in a municipality. Leaving the scene of the crime would be the worst possible course of action. If the accident happens somewhere else, it is necessary to give notice to the nearest state patrol’s or county sheriff’s office.

In the case of DUI accidents, individuals may face a conviction of first-degree felony if they have been accused of leaving the scene of the accident without providing any aid or information. The criteria is that the individual must have been aware or had a reason to be aware of the accident. This is the only condition that must be met for this charge to be used, potentially. It is crucial for you to have a DUI accident attorney who is skilled and aggressive on your side when you face any of these charges after such an accident. A competent DUI accident attorney will give you a great chance of success with your case.

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