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Representing Accident & Injury Victims

Handling Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Criminal Defense Cases


Rollover Car Accidents

Many types of accidents can lead to rollover car accidents and many everyday rollover car accidents happen when vehicles are turning. An SUV may turn over if a driver turns off the road quickly or decides to follow a different route. Because a typical SUV has a narrow track (the space between the vehicles left and right hand wheels) and a high center of gravity, these vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers. The law offices of Matthew C. Hines are expert attorneys that can help anyone who has been the victim of rollover car accidents.

Big Rigs that transport heavy loads and liquids are particularly at risk of being in a rollover accident. The National Transit Safety board (NTSB) points out around one-third of fatal rollover crashes involve trucks carrying liquids (tanker trucks). Because commercial vehicles are top heavy and have a high center of gravity, they are often involved in rollover accidents. Consequently, if the tanker rolls over, a hefty lorry can crush other cars if they fall onto these vehicles.

A Rollover Car Accident Places Many At Risk

Car drivers and passengers may receive serious injuries in a rollover accident. Other road-users might be injured if a truck falls on them or smashes into their auto. Common injuries from rollover accidents include: broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal injury and in some cases death.

As a result, a person that is significantly injured in car accident will require expensive medical care. Rollover car accident victims may be unable to return to work, suffer on-going pain and be unable to lead life as they once did. In some cases, the rollover car accident may result in a fatality. In addition to losing a family member, accident survivors or relatives must learn how to survive on a reduced income.

Our law firm is on hand to offer advice. The rollover crash damages are the responsibility of the entity or person responsible for the crash. In certain circumstances, the vehicle manufacturer may be liable. If the truck driver or employee who loaded the lorry failed to do their job properly, the trucking firm could be held liable.

An experienced car accidents attorney can help to find out who was responsible for causing the rollover accident. We can help you to seek financial compensation from the guilty party.

How Our Firm Can Help You to Get Legal Assistance for a Rollover Accident

Georgia State law states that people injured in auto accidents should be “Made Whole“. The injured party should receive compensation from the person responsible for the car accident. The injured party must file a personal injury lawsuit and offer-up a sound case. The claimant can negotiate with the third party insurers to seek a lump sum payment or to arrange a mutually agreeable out of court settlement.

The attorneys at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines are willing to represent you in court and to mediate with the insurers to arrive at a settlement figure. Our attorneys will help you to create a sound case, offer advice on your rights and defend you to ensure you attain the highest sum of compensation possible.

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