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Atlanta and Cobb County Bankruptcy Lawyer

By declaring bankruptcy we can immediately stop creditors from harassing you, protect your assets, stop wage garnishing and Avoid Atlanta Foreclosure or repossession. The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines can help you accomplish this, efficiently, knowledgeably and affordably. Our bankruptcy attorney services the Atlanta and Austell areas. We take care of the whole procedure for you and offer payment plans to help you along.

We take the problems of our clients seriously and know that having to declare bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. At the same time, it can give you relief from the financial burdens that you just can’t cope with anymore. At the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, we pride ourselves on giving each and every client personal attention and we devote the necessary time to your case so that you get the best arrangement for your needs.

Our law firm has helped many in the Atlanta area file bankruptcy at the best terms possible and thereby relieve the financial stress. Our fees are competitive and we offer payment plans.

We offer a free evaluation of your circumstances to see if bankruptcy is right for you, or which type of bankruptcy would best fit your situation.

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Why use Hines Law for your bankruptcy?

First of all, you have to decide whether or not to use a lawyer to file your bankruptcy. While there are additional fees as a result of using a lawyer compared to doing it yourself, a lawyer has knowledge and experience of how to file so that you get the possible terms for your bankruptcy.

At Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, we provide very personal, attentive service. Attorney Matthew C. Hines has put together an experienced and knowledgeable team who are as interested as he is in getting their clients a good outcome. This shows in our continuous success in negotiating both outside of court, and winning cases in court.

We advise you on which is the best course to take. We take care of all your paperwork, obtain information needed, represent your interests in any hearings and arrange any credit counseling.

To help our clients, who we know are often suffering financially, we offer payment plans. Additionally, we can meet clients in their location.

Chapter 7 – Discharging all debt

Chapter 7 allows a person to completely discharge almost all of their debts. This would include car payments, credit cards, real estate, home loans – almost any debt. However, this would not include government taxes, child support payments, student loans and a few others.

Another benefit of Chapter 7 is that you can reaffirm or keep some of your debts while discharging or eliminating some of the others. For example, someone may want to maintain their house payment while eliminating their credit card bills.

Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the United States government in recent years has passed laws to make sure that only people that fell below certain means could file. This is judged by a means test a complicated form that is required to fill out with various clauses that if known (like tax laws) can increase your chances of successfully filing.

Chapter 13 – Restructuring Finances

Chapter 13 is involves a restructuring of your finances so that you can catch up on any payments which you are delinquent on or it can just lower the monthly amount which you have to pay to each creditor.

More specifically, we take a total of all your payments and condense it down into one low payment which has been drastically reduced. This reduced payment is used to pay off your creditors on a schedule which is affordable to you.

Chapter 13 can help someone who:

  • is behind on their mortgage payment
  • behind on child support
  • behind on their taxes
  • behind on student loans, and many others
Why declare bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy has certain advantages over other forms of debt relief, such as debt settlement and credit counseling. Unlike the latter two options, bankruptcy can allow you protection against:

  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Lawsuits
  • Wage garnishment

Bankruptcy covers more debts, such as accounts referred to collections. In most cases you stop paying your bills immediately once the case is filed and collection efforts are ordered to be stopped. With both debt settlement and credit counseling you may have to make many monthly payments on your bills.

The United States bankruptcy laws were written to give people a fresh start with their finances. Many times, good, honest and hard-working people are faced with a financial crisis which was completely out of their control. This may involve the loss of a family member, the loss of employment, a divorce or many other situations. These events can cause a sudden change in someone’s finances and eventually result in bills getting severely behind, leading to the constant calls from collection companies, lawsuits being filed or even your home getting foreclosed upon.

We offer a free evaluation of your circumstances to see if bankruptcy is right for you, or which type of bankruptcy would best fit your situation.

Call us at (770) 941-0913 or click here to book an appointment online.

Foreclosure Prevention

We can help you keep your home.

All experienced attorneys will tell you, a borrower has many more options before a foreclosure than afterwards. Therefore, it is vital to stop a foreclosure before it happens, rather than try to solve the problem after the foreclosure occurs.

The most common way to stop foreclosure is to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy (A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure but will not provide a means to keep your home). Chapter 13 provides a convenient way to stop foreclosure, but also get current on your mortgage payments. The only other alternative is to negotiate a loan modification with the lender, which is usually very difficult or the loan modification doesn’t provide sufficient relief.

If you are faced with a foreclosure, do not wait until the last minute. Call our office immediately so we can begin the necessary paperwork to ensure you home is protected.