The Top 5 Things Not to Do if You Are Arrested in Atlanta

When leaving home in the morning, many people do not think that they will in any way be arrested later that day. In fact, most people who end up being arrested are completely caught off-guard, especially if they have not done anything wrong or do not believe they have done anything wrong. This element of surprise makes the arrest process so unsettling and upsetting, which mostly leads to the individual being arrested making some adverse mistakes during the arrest and afterward.

Un hombre no identificado con pantalones vaqueros y camisa siendo detenido con esposas
Un hombre no identificado con pantalones vaqueros y camisa siendo detenido con esposas

If, by any chance, you ever find yourself in a situation where you are going to be arrested in Atlanta, avoid the following five things that could worsen the situation.

1. Don’t Run Away from the Police

No matter your state of mind or how great the urge to run away from the police is, never try to do that. Most probably, you are not going to outrun the police, and you might end up encountering additional charges. You may even end up putting yourself in more danger as the officers may be suspicious that you are armed and draw their own weapons for protection. To worsen the situation, running away might be seen as an admission that you are indeed guilty. After all, why run away when you know you’re innocent?

2. Don’t Talk to the Police

Avoiding talking to the police is the way to go. When arrested in Atlanta or in any state, your rights are read out, and one of the rights is that you are advised to remain silent. Always take full advantage of that.

Do not try to speak too much by trying to prove to the officer that you are innocent – they havelikely heard that statement time and again, and they aren’t going to stop arresting you simply because you said that, unfortunately. Talking at this stage is not a priority, and you know the line they use mostly – anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Almost everyone tries to prove innocence, and that is something that happens on a daily basis. Once you begin talking, you are risking saying things that can incriminate you or add to the situation, making it worse. Do not open up any conversation unless when letting them know that you want your lawyer to take up from there.

3. Don’t Resist Arrest

When a police officer comes to arrest you, please allow them to do it. Never try to fight off, scream, or yell at the officers. Even though you’re certain that you are completely innocent, or the arrest is wrongful, trying to resist can be seen as a crime itself, and it may also lead to violence. When you make slow and deliberate movements, the police are less likely going to mistake your innocent actions for a threat.

4. Don’t Allow a Search

The police require a search warrant before searching your house, and if they do not, they will mostly try to seek your consent before doing it. Inasmuch as you may be intimidated by law enforcement, do not allow the police to get away with an unwarranted search. Always remember that if you do not give your consent, they are not allowed to search.

So, if they ask you for permission to search your house, clearly let them know that you haven’t given your consent, especially if there are bystanders around who can serve as witnesses. If they go on with the search, whatever they might find may be inadmissible since they acquired it illegally.

5. Do not Let the Police in Your House

Normally, the police need an arrest warrant before arresting you inside your home. If they come to your door, do not allow them in since they could arrest you. And if you step outside, they might as well arrest you. Be clear, firm, and polite. Let them know that you are comfortable speaking with them at your door, and they are not allowed inside. Ask them if they have an arrest warrant, and if they do not, they need to go back and come with it before arresting you. For the time being, you can prepare yourself by contacting your lawyer. By doing this, you can easily eliminate or minimize the time spent in custody before the bail.

Bottom Line

By following the above simple rules, you stand a chance to preserve your rights as well as get a better outcome for your case. Once you face charges, it is particularly important to contact a professional criminal defense attorney since they are well versed in the law. It could be the only difference between freedom or punishment.

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