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Our Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm here at the Matthew C. Hines law offices, is firmly committed to making certain we provide personal injury representation which is truly outstanding. This committed representation is provided in wrongful death claims and following all types of serious accidents. We provide our clients over 10 years experience gaining substantial compensations for them. Should you be dealing with injuries suffered in the following accidents, or if a loved one has been the victim of one, please do not hesitate to call us. Also, should you be grieving the loss of someone close due to a fatal accident, Call our select team of Personal Injury Lawyers immediately. We offer you the experience and the commitment that you can place your trust in.

Since 2004 In Georgia, Outstanding Personal Injury Representation Has Been Provided By These Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It certainly is car accidents so many of the common injuries are caused by. You may be eligible for compensation if you were involved in a car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck or pedestrian accident. Contact a committed and experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer today!

Serious Injury Cases

Are you suffering from inhalation injuries, painful burns, birth injury or a brain injury? Following a fatal accident, family members of those who have lost a loved one may be in a position to file a wrongful claim. Please get in touch with our Atlanta Serious Accident Attorneys at once.

Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Unfortunately, in our society, nursing home neglect and abuse is a prevalent occurrence today. You need to get in touch with an attorney immediately, if you or a family member has been a victim. Please call our committed Atlanta Nursing Home Attorneys at once!

Slip And Fall Accidents

One of the most commonly filed personal injury claims is as a result of slip and fall accidents. Working on your behalf to gain compensation for your injuries if you choose will be Matthew C. Hines Law Offices.

Playground Accidents

From a play facility or a playground, has your child suffered an injury? For their injuries suffered, you might be eligible to receive compensation.

Drowning Accidents

Families can be left facing high medical expenses, and virtually torn apart as a result of boating accidents and swimming pool accidents. Compensation may be available to you if someone else was the cause of any of these injuries. Please get in touch with our experienced and committed Atlanta Swimming Pool Attorneys immediately!

Work-Related Injuries

Potential hazards truly abound at construction sites. If you have suffered any injuries there or anywhere else while at work, you might be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Call our Georgia Workers Compensation Attorneys at once and find out whether or not you are!

Allow Your Rights To Be Protected Now By Contacting Matthew C. Hines And His Experienced Team of Georgia Accident Attorneys

For more than 10 years, throughout the entire state of Georgia, our Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers have offered and provided the very best representation available in wrongful death and serious injury claims. Please get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation regarding your case and just how our Personal Injury Attorneys can be of help to you. The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines are committed to helping you get any compensation that you deserve.