Matthew C. Hines

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Matthew C. Hines

Meet Attorney Matthew C. Hines

Attorney Matthew C. Hines is the driving force behind Hines Law, a respected legal practice in Atlanta. His journey began in 2004 when he founded Hines Law to provide comprehensive legal support to Atlanta residents.

Education And Expertise

Attorney Hines completed his undergraduate studies at Clemson University in South Carolina. He continued his education at Georgia State University, earning not only a law degree but also a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This unique combination of legal and business knowledge forms the foundation of his practice.

Passion For Justice

During his education, Attorney Hines gained valuable experience working alongside various attorneys, solidifying his commitment to helping clients in need. His primary focus areas include personal injury law, litigation, criminal defense, and workers’ compensation.

Community Engagement

Attorney Hines and his family extend their commitment to the Atlanta community by supporting various causes, including drug-rehabilitation programs, human rights campaigns, and educational initiatives.

15 Years Of Excellence

With nearly 15 years of legal practice, Attorney Matthew C. Hines has worked on a diverse range of cases, including impactful victories like a wrongful arrest case, where justice prevailed.

Your Trusted Advocate

Today, Attorney Hines continues to lead Hines Law with unwavering dedication, integrity, and a fervent passion for ensuring justice for every client.

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