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Incidents usually come when you least expect them. Our Villa Rica personal injury attorneys are here for you. There is hardly anything that is more disturbing than having to be in agony because someone else behaved negligently. This is particularly hard if you have been doing all you can to be careful not to harm yourself and others. The right and freedom of enjoying life has been compromised because someone displayed reckless behavior.

It is advised that you get immediate legal counsel if you were involved in any accident and suffered personal injury in Georgia. As sure as an accident can change your life, your choice of legal action can also impact on your future. An equipped Villa Rica personal injury lawyer is your best bet. You stand a good chance of getting necessary compensation for yourself or a family member. Start the process immediately by contacting The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines and you will be assisted in finding out if your claim is valid and the legal service process that will used to aid you in getting back your life to its original state of normalcy and harmony as quickly and as best as possible.


Car related Accidents

The United States sees personal injuries resulting from car accidents more often than any other causes. Car accidents come in several different ways. Results from such accidents can be minor causing only bruises or tragic such as crippling injuries. Accidents of these types can be avoided, and because of their unexpectedness, drivers who practice extreme precaution can end up suffering because of negligent and careless drivers. Do not try to resolve matters of this type alone, but instead contact one of our experienced Villa Rica car accident attorneys immediately.

Motorcycle Accidents

The injury or damage caused by accidents that occur with motorcyclists is generally more severe than those as a result of a truck or car accidents. Outside of protective gears or pads like a helmet, there is not much or any barrier to provide protection from elements that can cause serious damage. Motorcyclists are seen by several insurance companies as liabilities. As such, they try not to compensate the full amount to anyone who has been in an accident involving a motorcycle. This is the reason why it is important to seek adequate legal representation to win the battle for damages.

Truck Accidents

Any accident that involves semi-trucks or big rigs colliding with objects or other vehicles are labeled as truck accidents. The injuries that follow accidents in cases like these can be very severe. Truck accidents generally occur because the driver works long hours and is fatigued or he or she simply neglects to obey the federal safety rules. It is therefore highly important that legal counsel is sought for any injury resulting from negligent truck driving.

Malpractice in the Medical Field

Personal injury as a result of negligent behavior by healthcare practitioners such as a nurse or doctor is known as medical malpractice. Because professional medical providers are humans, you will find mistakes occurring even with those who are educated, trained and qualified. These mistakes can often lead to severe injuries. Like any other, medical professionals have to give account for their actions and negligence will never be accepted or overlooked.

Abuse in the Nursing Home

You can experience so much negative feelings when you think about the possibility of your loved one being treated unfairly or abused in any form. Many people experience abuse of their loved ones in a nursing home in spite of the promises that you got when you registered your loved one that he or she would be protected and cared for in a loving and healthy environment. In this case, you can file a claim against the nursing home to defend the rights of these elderly people.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

There are several cases where individuals face extreme difficulties and their claims are often denied when they seek SSD benefits. Filing a Social Security Disability Insurance claim with professional legal services will provide you with a better chance of securing your future. Attorneys that are trained in this field can do what is necessary to adequately advocate on your behalf or that of your family member.

Premises Liability

Visitors, guests and tenants are protected by the legal obligation that property owners have to ensure that their premises are secure. If they do not carry out this obligation and an accident occurs resulting in personal injury, the owner of the property can be held responsible for the damages experienced by the injured person. Our firm is equipped to help you through the generally complex laws that relate to claims in premises liability.

Compensation for Workers

Even workers who daily follow the workplace rules can experience injury during work hours because of negligence of the employer or a coworker. Other causes for personal injury could be as a result of premises liability. Employees that are in Georgia have a team of qualified attorneys at our firm to do what is necessary to protect employee’s rights to compensation for injuries that are work-related.

Wrongful Death

One of the most devastating things to deal with is making claims in a case of wrongful death. This is especially due to the fact that family members experience emotional suffering following this tragedy. There are many ways that wrongful death can occur. We are trained in all areas and will help you with legal representation for wrongful death resulting from a negligent party or person.


Let the law offices of Matthew C. Hines assist you by evaluating your personal injury case. Your rights need to be protected following any accident. As we apply our experience to bring about success in your personally injury case we will fight for all that you are rightfully entitled to.  We are proven to be committed to giving you legal representation you can depend on. Unlike insurance companies that mainly seek to make profits, our Villa Rica personal injury attorneys demonstrates care for the life of our clients. Our office can assist by providing you with an evaluation of your case free of cost to help you gain trust and confidence in our abilities. Injured victims in Villa Rica and the surrounding areas are served by our legal services team.


The Villa Rica Law offices of Matthew C. Hines also specialize in Immigration law. Our attorneys display profession and continuous dedication to each individual case and client served. Some areas include:

  • Appellate Practice
  • Business and Investment Visas
  • Family and Employment based petitions
  • Deportation Defense
  • Citizenship

The process that comes with acquiring employment or business visas can be quite difficult and require much work to result in desired success. Our trained staff is highly equipped to represent clients who come to us for issues relating to business visas when they have an interest in making investments in the US. The legal services also involve helping clients to acquire legitimate status in the US during the process. We can provide individuals as well as employers with information relating to labor certification, work visas and business immigration, among others.

In cases where your right and freedom of staying in the United States is threatened, professional and effective immigration attorneys from our Georgia firm will fight with all they have to bring about a successful outcome. Clients will greatly benefit from our experience relating to issues regarding criminal conviction and immigration.

You will be guaranteed a competitive advantage with the experience of our Villa Rica immigration attorneys in cases. The cases that will need our attention and legal representation can be any that relates to political asylum, inadmissibility waivers, removal of cancellation and visa proceedings among several others.

Whatever your need or goal such as citizenship in the United States, we will provide you with the help you need from the starting point to the achievement of your goal. The law surrounding immigration issues tend to be very complex and if not done right, the application for citizenship can be denied or placed in proceedings regarding removal. It is best to check with us to discuss your immigration history before the application process is started for naturalization.

We offer very detailed and free consultations. Not only will you gain confidence in knowing your options, you will have a strong set of action plans to bring you success. The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines welcome your call for consultation if you are considering filing immigration benefits application or if you are in need of legal representation to fix your immigration standing.