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The actions you take immediately after a car accident can have a huge impact on the outcome of your personal injury case. Knowing what to do after a car accident could possibly save you thousands of dollars. If you are injured in an accident, go to the hospital and call our attorneys right away

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Smyrna, Georgia Lawyers Focusing On Complex Litigation

Birthplace of actress Julia Roberts and home to the Smyrna Market Village, Smyrna, GA is located just 1 mile northwest of the Atlanta city limits. Defending the residents of this fine city with a dedicated vision of what is right are the attorneys of The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines. They hold themselves to the highest standards and fairness is what they believe in. Few can match our history of successful client representation.

For More Than 10 Years, Seeking Justice For Georgia Plaintiffs

When it comes to representing victims, we at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines are so proud of our tradition of excellence. It does not matter whether it is a victim of a car accident, or a construction worker injured on the job. Our clients cover the gamut.

They are individuals and organizations who have suffered due to another’s wrongdoing or negligence and were caused emotional, financial and/or physical harm. Since we were founded by Matthew C. Hines in 2004, our Smyrna firm has proudly represented victims of personal injury accidents, defective products, toxic and asbestos exposure and so much more, throughout the state of Georgia. This means, for our diverse clientele, proper and professional representation by a professional legal team with resources that are invaluable.

Demonstrated Results

We do not refer our clients to other law firms, and we resolve each case ourselves. It is very common though for other attorneys to refer cases to the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines to best take care of their clients.

Dedication To The Cause, Compassion For Our Clients

We have treated clients with compassion and respect throughout a decade of practicing law. Among the best ways of showing our clients how much we care are always being accessible, listening to them carefully, and answering all their questions. We put our client’s interests first always by dedication to the building of the best case possible. We achieve success by fighting hard for fair and full compensation for our clients. Until you win a settlement or award, you pay no out of pocket expenses if we take your case. This is to our clients our proud commitment to excellence and believing in them. The legal experience at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines is diverse, wide and includes litigation related to-

Bus, truck and auto accidents

The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines is aware that bus, tractor-trailer and auto accidents are becoming a far too common part of life. Unfortunately, struggling with their own recovery, victims have to also deal with the obstacles which are placed in their path by those seasoned defense lawyers looking out for their clients interests, their insurance companies, and certainly not the victims. It is here that our personal injury attorneys come in. Victims can be confident their interests are protected by having our experienced and professional Smyrna car accident lawyers representing them. We work to make certain you get the very best results, not the insurance company!


Significant settlements for those clients that are dealing with and suffering from asbestos-related diseases have been obtained by the firm’s mesothelioma lawyers, sometimes working with co-counsel.

Construction accidents

As a result of the firm’s successful efforts in both jury verdicts at trial and negotiated settlements, financial security has been gained for injured workers and their families.

Medical devices and drugs

In representation of those injured by unsafe and hazardous medical devices and drugs, we are a leader. We have a history of success and won large settlements and verdicts against powerful manufacturers.

Personal injury and workers compensation

Clients injured in and out of the work place seek the Smyrna personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines to make certain those responsible are held accountable for client losses, and for their damages, clients receive fair and proper compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact a Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyer today!

Toxic torts

For victims of exposure to toxic substances and environmental pollution across the state of Georgia, the firm has obtained substantial settlements.

Other Plaintiff Cases Are Handled By The Law Offices Of Matthew C. Hines In Addition And These Include:

Products liability

In the protection of victims rights regarding defective or dangerous products, our firm has a long and successful record. Significant settlements and verdicts for our clients have been achieved as a result of our complex product liability litigation in regard to those injured by unsafe products used in the home and in the workplace.

Birth Defects

We understand the severe pain endured by those families coping with life-altering, permanent birth injuries and the severe frustration in knowing these could have been prevented. The emotional, financial and physical strain of birth defects impacts for their whole lives everyone in a family. This is why we are so driven to assist our Smyrna attorneys who are handling litigation in regard to birth defects to hold individuals and companies responsible for exposing children unborn to toxic substances and their injuries resulting from their negligence.

Trust Our Georgia Lawyers To Help

Get a free consultation and speak to a Georgia personal injury litigator highly recognized and admired by calling the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines today at (770) 648-0355. We will give you an accurate and fair assessment of your case, and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Smyrna, Georgia Immigration Lawyers

For excellent service in immigration law, the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines have maintained a great reputation. We assist families and individuals to overcome numerous delays and problems in the process of immigration. Besides the focus on immigration law we maintain, we also proudly represent clients in matters such as child custody and divorce. We fully evaluate every unique situation in both areas, and provide our clients with the service and attention that they deserve.

Get in touch today with a Smyrna immigration lawyer. We will assist you in navigating the naturalization and immigration process.

Our Immigration Services

Our firm is proud to provide comprehensive naturalization and immigration legal assistance. Included in this is representation are obtaining visas, gaining citizenship in the United States, PERM, along with a complete variety of all immigrant-related practice areas. The attainment of citizenship or the reuniting of families can result from the efforts of a Georgia US immigration visa lawyer who is well-qualified to get the job done right. The process of gaining citizenship is a well-defined one with very specific requirements to be met before a person gains qualification. Very often, complications pop up resulting in delays and many questions. We carefully listen to what our clients have to say, handle all issues and come up with a clear and positive plan of action. We have great experience litigating cases in this area should a court action be required.

We are so well aware that considerable disruptions for families or companies can result from encountering any delays. Employers count on us regularly for our efficient work and up-to-date knowledge in these matters.

In regard to numerous aspects of immigration, we advise families, individuals and businesses. Included in these are:

US non-immigration visas: For those individuals not looking to get permanent residency but rather short-term employment on entering the country, or various other reasons, these are for. If you seek non-immigrant status for an employee or for yourself, please contact our firm today.

Family-based immigration petitions: Otherwise referred to at times as relative petitions, these are often sought by lawful permanent residents and U.S. citizens looking to sponsor preference immigrants and immediate relatives seeking to come into the United States. In addition, for our clients and their spouses-to-be, we also seek fiancé visas.

Employment-based immigration petitions: Both employees and employers renewing or seeking temporary work visas are assisted by our firm. Gaining employment status for foreign workers is how we assist employers. They sometimes want to transfer an employee from abroad, or perhaps hire someone because they are unable to find a qualified person for the job here.

Permanent residency: Permanent residency applications gain permission for a non – US citizen to permanently work and live in the United States. Green cards are what these documents are commonly called. We offer our efficient service and experienced advice to assist those clients that are eligible with this process.

US citizenship applications: These items, handled with detail and care by our firm, are sometimes called naturalization applications. Information and advice in regard to dual citizenship is also provided by us.

We also handle in addition to these services special immigration cases including:

  • EB1-EB2-EB3 visas
  • H1B visas
  • PERM/labor certification
  • National interest waivers
  • Asylum
  • Removal and deportation proceedings
  • O-1 visas for persons of extra
  • R-1 visas for religious workers

Get In Touch Today With Our Experienced Smyrna Non-Immigration Visa Attorneys

For careful naturalization and immigration law counsel, contact The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hinesby calling (770) 941-0913 and speaking to an immigration law attorney. We can arrange for a translator should you need one.