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Our Lithia Springs attorneys specialize in all areas of law. Lithia Springs, GA is renowned for its natural spring and historic Lithia water. In the late 1800s a luxury resort named the Sweetwater Park Hotel opened in Lithia Springs. This hotel was so popular that Mark Twain and Presidents Cleveland, Taft, McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt all enjoyed the amenities at the resort including the famous Lithia Vapor Baths. Unfortunately that is an era gone, but the spring still remains as do the 15,491 residents still residing there. But what happens if you are in an accident while you’re here? Don’t fret you can get in touch with a Lithia Springs personal injury attorney at The Law offices of Matthew C. Hines.

In most personal injury instances, the injured person is usually seen negotiating with the offending party’s lawyer. Though this could seem quite straightforward on the face of things, it’s certainly impregnated with complications. The most unfortunate event attached here is the fact that if these negotiations aren’t dealt the way they must be, you may end up washing your hands off the compensation that’s rightly yours, ultimately putting yourself in a scenario wherein meeting the injury expenses and other costs becomes an elongated stretch.

Claims for personal injuries could arise from several kinds of mishaps, including:

  • truck accidents
  • car accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • animal or pet bites
  • slip and fall
  • defective and dangerous goods
  • medical negligence, etc.

With a skilled and professional Lithia Springs personal injury lawyer by your side, you increase the chances of getting the case verdict in your favor. Such skilled lawyers are not easy to come by and finding the most adept and shrewd legal professionals is like hunting for the rarest species in a dense forest.


Car Accidents

Give a call to The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines at (770) 941-0913 if you have been a victim of car or motorcycle accidents, or if you’ve undergone physical injuries attributable to another person’s negligence or inattentiveness. These experienced lawyers have dealt with such cases in the past successfully and there’s no reason why they may go wrong this time. Once our Lithia Springs car accident lawyers jump into the picture, the task of landing you with compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and missed work rests with us. We won’t let you play victim to another person’s act of thoughtlessness and irresponsible behavior.

Motorcycle Mishaps

A Lithia Springs accident lawyer experienced enough to handle motorcycle accident cases would be of invaluable succor if you or your friends or family members have incurred serious injuries or encountered death courtesy a motorcycle accident. The lawyer would enlighten you on your legal options and rights as a victim of the incident. Don’t commit the mistake of dealing things all by self, as insurance firms might seem heavily interested in dealing with your concerns, but their main objective is to positively influence their bottom line. In other words, they give their customers step-child-like treatment. Insurance firms usually look for novice victims and try to play around their lack of knowledge to close the case quickly and fetch you the minimum amount as compensation.

Child Abuse & Injury

Our Law Offices also pay heed to cases dealing with your child. Some of the scenarios wherein our professional assistance may come in handy include a child getting injured courtesy a defective toy item, a playground accident, an organized sports mishap, unsafe environment or property, or caretakers’ abuses or negligent acts. A child suffering injuries courtesy negligence could have its multiple dimensions, and our empathetic and experienced Georgia child injury lawyers possess the determination to seek compensation and justice for your injured kid’s suffering and pain.

Injuries at Birth

Matthew C. Hines’ Law Offices will also help your cerebral palsy-affected child, or kids who’ve been diagnosed with brain damage or Erb’s palsy post a traumatic birth. Our lawyers would help ascertain whether your obstetricians are keeping you in the dark about your kid’s birth injuries. The lawyer will help you fetch the right financial compensation you deserve for the doctor’s negligence acts affecting your child.

Unjust Death Litigation

When an individual loses a loved one in an accident due to the wrongdoings of another person, he/she could take the person to court. The lawsuit inflicted may be for recovering lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs sustained courtesy the accident. Our team of lawyers has allied with families for securing financial and emotional assistance they deserve for their loved one’s untimely death.

Construction Accidents

Construction activity areas are replete with danger and hazardous scenarios: great heights, heavy equipment, tough chemicals and materials, electric lines. This is certainly true for people who are present at the site. However, this doesn’t go to say that mishaps at a construction area should be considered part of the job.

Liability and Defective Products

Product liability covers a huge range of circumstances and cases. When in the courtroom, you must have able and professional assistance to tread you through the process and get compensation and justice. Our personal injury law company in Lithia Springs has product, vehicle and toy cases experience that’s worth more than a decade. Our aggressive approach and past success record would help you assemble and sort the case, gather evidence, and finally provide your family some inner peace and monetary assistance essential to get over the injury and move on to the next phase of life.

Medical Misdoings

When medical professionals – surgeon, nurse, or a family physician – commits an error causing grave injuries to you or your near ones, the outcome could be catastrophic. Malpractices in the field of healthcare can be quite serious and also complicated. If you think you’ve been victimized, seeking advice of an experienced attorney is a must. Our resources below will give you much clearer information.

Pedestrian Accidents

When accident cases involve a vehicle and an individual, there are higher chances of serious injuries or even death. Contact a pedestrian injury lawyer in Georgia at Matthew C. Hines’ Law Offices today if your near and dear ones have been at the receiving end.

Workers’ Compensation

Lawyers who are accustomed to handling employee compensation claims would deal with your complex legal matters and help you fetch complete compensation for the costs related to the damages, so that you can spend your quality time to concentrate on your injuries and recovery.

Our Lithia Springs Immigration Lawyer Service Spans Georgia

Matthew C. Hines, a Lithia Springs immigration lawyer, will work tough to offer tremendous advocacy and representation in all fields relating to visa, immigration and citizenship law. Right from citizenship to extradition, our immigration law firm located in Georgia is willing to spend sleepless nights to assist you attain your immigration objectives. Navigating via Immigration Services and Immigration Court and US Citizenship can be complicating and overwhelming for any individual sans a proper legal professional for assistance.

Our lawyers take a customized approach to every case they handle, and the fact that most of our Lithia Springs area clients are repeat clients and also referred in by our old clients is a testament to our efficiency and skills.

As immigration lawyers, we believe it’s important to have a transparent and honest approach to everything and anything related to immigration. That’s precisely the reason why we don’t tread our plans on false hopes. However, we ensure best efforts to inch you as closer as possible towards success.

Deportation Attorney Offering You Protection in Georgia Immigration Court

Mr. Hines’ Law Offices are extremely committed to ensuring families don’t get destructed due to removal or deportation. Thanks to our in-depth Georgia Immigration Court experience, our lawyers strive hard to win jail release on immigration bond of immigrants detained by the ICE or DHS. Our lawyers are also well-versed with the District Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of America.

Lithia Springs, Georgia-Based Marriage Green Card Attorney

Regardless of whether your fiancé or spouse is in America or willing to step foot in the country through a K3 or K1 visa, our visa attorneys in Georgia are keen on making the immigration formalities successful, quick and sans any issues. Our law offices would help you persuade USCIS and look into the bonafide status of your marriage. And if you’ve moved away from your spouse, our immigration attorneys will assist you hold on to your green card via options like VAWA or the I-751 waiver process.

Naturalization and Citizenship Attorneys

Our Lithia Springs citizenship lawyers would help you attain your American citizenship dream, despite your criminal background or past rejections. We have this reputation to make things easier for citizens, who have difficulty with their applications, through N-336 and federal court review petitions.

Mandamus Attorneys Writ Fighting Delays in Immigration

Any individual who has put in an application for citizenship, green cards, and other benefits of immigration, but has often undergone frustrating delays due to FBI security check procedures can seek our assistance. To encounter such issues of delay, our lawyers at the Law Offices lodge writ of mandamus litigation against USCIS, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, etc. in the federal court of law. If you have a stuck immigration case on hand, we are interested in having a conversation with you, regardless of whether other lawyers have given their hopes on your case.

Lithia Springs Business Community Immigration Lawyer

To the business community of Lithia Springs, The Legal Offices of Matthew C. Hines immigration services are vital. Our immigration lawyers offer a complete range of immigration advice and services to companies – small and large. We can arrange temporary employment visas (H-1B, L1, H-2B, O1, TN, and R1), B2 visitor visas, F1 student visas, treaty trader visas, and LPR or green card status for foreigners. We file immigration petitions based on employment and PERM labor certification applications on behalf of firms that are keen on hiring foreign nationals.

I-9 Compliance Lawyer

If you run an organization in Lithia Springs or any other place in Georgia, our immigration attorneys are willing to ensure the success of your I-9 compliance efforts.

Holistic Legal Services for Georgia Immigrants

Besides our top-notch immigration law services, our firm also considers specific Georgia family law and criminal matters involving immigration problems. We also orchestrate legal action against fraudulent immigration attorneys, notaries and also against individuals who offer immigration consultancy services only with the intent to swindle money or cheat immigrants.