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Creating a Proper Claim with Insurance Company after an Accident

How To Make Sure You Make a Proper Claim with the Insurance Company

What happens in the next hour or so after an accident can determine the course of that case, whether it’s going to be successful or whether you’ll lose your case.

2 Things that Need to Take Place in that First Hour After an Accident

  1. You need to take pictures of the accident scene
    • Most people have already heard this and already understand this concept and they make sure to take pictures of their vehicle. However sometimes that’s not enough. You also want to take pictures of ANY OTHER VEHICLE that was involved in that accident.
    • Being able to communicate the severity of the impact and what happened, communicates a lot to the insurance company to show how serious the accident was.
    • Sometimes your vehicle may not be that damaged, but the other vehicle may be totaled. It just depends on what kind of cars are involved in the collision.
  2. Make sure you write down any names and phone numbers of any WITNESSES at the scene of the accident
    • Now the assigned police officer may put this down in the police report, but don’t rely on them. Make sure to have all witnesses contact information.  Without them, you may lose that case. You may want to even ask them if it’s okay for you to contact them later for their help and testimony.
    • We’ve had many cases that won because of a “neutral” witness that nobody knew, comes in and testifies. We’ve also had some cases failed because of the very same thing.
    • Witnesses play a key role in any personal injury claim, or insurance settlement or even a trial regarding this.

We had a major case not too long ago where our client was savvy enough to go get the name and phone number of a witness that saw the accident. That witness testified that a “third” car, that wasn’t even in the police report crashed into our client and caused severe injuries. That witness and her account was the only evidence that we had to prove that.

Without that witness, there would be no claim against this guy who potentially could be extremely liable to our client. If you or a loved have suffered a car accident, don’t hesitate to call our firm today.



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