//I’ve Been Injured at Work. What Are My Options Now?

I’ve Been Injured at Work. What Are My Options Now?

The Workers Compensation Law and How To Get the Most Out of Your Case

You’ve been injured at work. You have 30 days to report this injury. You could report this injury to your supervisor or your boss. Somebody in charge. Now when you report this injury, you want to do it in some form of writing. This could be in the form of a text message, an email, in a letter, etc… The point is that you want a way to prove that you gave your supervisors a notice of your injury, and remember, you only have 30 days to do it.

Now once you’ve reported that injury, your employer then has an obligation to set you up with some medical treatment. Now any workplace that houses 3 or more employees should have a posted “panel” that is hung up in a conspicuous area that is readily accessible to it’s employees at all times. This panel will hold a list of at least 3 medical physicians recommended by your employer who you are to seek treatment with.

Why is this Panel Important

If the panel is provided as it should be by law, you are then required to seek medical attention from any doctor on that list, and only on that list. There are a few exceptions to this law however. For instance, if the injury you’ve suffered is an emergency, there’s no time to follow protocol, of course.

What Happens if Your Employer Fails to Show You This Doctor’s Panel?

Now if your employer fails to show you this panel, then it’s possible that you could go to ANY DOCTOR TO WHOM YOU CHOOSE.  If this is the case, then this is extremely beneficial to you.  Choosing your own doctor usually gets you better and more thorough treatment, as there’s a possibility that your employer chooses doctors who are more inclined to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Having the Ability to Choose Your Own Doctor Could Make or Break Your Case

By calling the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines (Also known as Hines Law), we can direct you to the right path of action to drastically improve your case for your injuries. Whether you need to see someone on your employer’s panel, whether you choose your own doctor, or whether we could help you find the best doctor in your area, we are here to help you. Call our law firm today at 770-941-0913 and receive a complimentary case evaluation today. If you ever have any questions regarding Workers Compensation, call us. We’re here to help.



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