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Don’t Pay off That Ticket or Citation Just Yet- Read This First

Remember- Paying a Ticket is an Admission of Guilt

If you have a ticket- whether it’s a driving citation, a domestic violence ticket or whatever it may be, be very careful. When you go to court and you pay that ticket, you may think you did the responsible thing and could walk out that court and move on with your life.  Well, sometimes that’s the case but sometimes it’s not. When you pay that ticket, you’re admitting your guilt in front of the judge. There could be a lot of consequences depending on what that charge may be.

Sometimes, people aren’t aware of what may happen if they pay that ticket. For instance;

Ticket For Driving Without Insurance

Let’s say for example you get stopped by the police and are handed a ticket for driving without insurance, and you go to court to pay that ticket.  What they won’t tell you at the time you’re pulled over is that you’ll most likely lose your driver’s license.

What You Should Do Going Forward

If you’re ever in a situation where you’ve been given a ticket but are not sure of what the consequences may be, it’s always best to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney, especially if the matter of your arrest is serious.



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