What happens when you are a passenger in an accident?

What happens when you are a passenger in an accident?


Often times some of our clients are passengers in a vehicle that is involved in an accident. They weren’t driving and were not driving in either of the cars that had the collision. They have a number of options and actually more than either of the drivers of the cars. They can go against the other car that collided into them. They could also possibly recover from the driver that they were with or they could recover from both of the people involved depending on what happened in the accident.

The passengers have a lot of options and have the best position to recover because they were one of the only ones that did not in any way contribute to the accident. They simply weren’t driving. Passengers in a car accident could also recover from their own policy, which is a good thing and why you have the car insurance in the first place.

Personal Injury to Car Accident Victims

If you have been a passenger in an accident, call us anytime. We will set up a free consultation to find out your rights. Matthew C. Hines is a professional personal injury attorney in Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas. 


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