//When a Slip and Fall Happens to You

When a Slip and Fall Happens to You

Some of our clients are not just injured in vehicles accidents. They could be on someone else’s property. They could be at a someone’s apartment or at a shopping center. At Walmart, Kroger, or anywhere and they slipped and fell on something. You are allowed to recover in those situations. Our professional slip and fall attorney Matthew C. Hines has some tips in case this ever happens to you.

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Slip and Fall Incident Tips

If you are ever on someone else’s property and you slip and fall, you need to make sure you fill out an incident report. That report is going to be used later and is important. Also, make sure you read it that it is accurate since the employee will be the one filling it out.

Make sure you seek immediate treatment. Just like in an auto accident, you need to go to a hospital. Once you get examined at a hospital, you need to continue treatment at an orthopedic doctor, a physical therapist or a chiropractor to make sure you heal properly.

Document your injuries so that you can later recover from your accident. It helps to have detailed documentation in these situations. Include in your documents your injuries, treatments, costs, and progress.

Slip and Fall Attorney in Atlanta, Austell and Gwinnett County

If you have experienced a personal injury on someone else’s property, we offer a free consultation at our firm. Please give our professional slip and fall attorney at the law offices of Matthew C. Hines today.

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