Give Safety For The Holidays

The New Year is a time that is filled with festivities and celebrations. Unfortunately, this festive time of the year is also filled with many dangers making safety a real concern A modest estimate calculates that nearly 95 million people will be traveling the roads this holiday season. They will be on the roads to visiting with loved ones as well as on the roads after celebrating. Statistics show that more people drink and drive celebrating the New Year versus another time of the year or holiday festivity. Nearly 50% of all accidents involving vehicles are due to driving while intoxicated during the New Year.

Abstain from Driving while Drinking

Of the accidents that occur on New Year’s Day, those that are fatal are most likely alcohol related deaths. This statistic was presented by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Data. Alcohol greatly diminishes a persons ability to think and physically react. Alcohol slows the functions of all your major organs. There are many viable alternatives to driving drunk such as a car for hire or asking a friend for a ride.

Moderate Your Consumption

Your body will absorb alcohol long before it begins metabolizing and breaking it down. If you drink large volumes quickly, you will likely absorb more than your body is capable of metabolizing efficiently. The result is a wicked hangover. A good formula to mitigate your hangover is one drink per hour. Consuming more than this allows for toxic alcohol to accumulate in your system.

Stay Hydrated

Another way to mitigate the pain and suffering of a hangover is to stay hydrated. Alcohol causes dehydration. The diuretic qualities of booze means that you will eliminate any water that you do consume more rapidly. It is important to consumer extra water to prevent dehydration which causes the headaches when you are hungover.

Mix Calories with Cocktails

There is a reason people warn you to not drink on an empty stomach. Fill up on a meal rich in carbohydrates before drinking and while drinking. The food will soak up the liquor allowing your body the time to metabolize before absorbing. Starchy foods work the best, but fatty foods get the job done as well. Salty snacks while you drink can encourage water consumption.

Safety First

Judgement is skewed while drinking and this is true for everybody. Avoid dangerous activities and keep innocents like children and pets safe from the festivities.

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