///DACA Opportunity Or Exile Program?

DACA Opportunity Or Exile Program?

DACA or the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals program was instituted in 2012 and is set to expire in March. Where are the majority of these children from? What did the program do for undocumented children? And is tying the Border Wall to a humanitarian program the right decision?

The majority of the children (under 16 yrs. old as of 2007) are from Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Some parents who immigrated were of the immigration was in search of a better life for their children, but many especially from El Salvador and Guatemala fled for their lives leaving war-torn countries.

The program gives eligible youths protection from being deported, a work permit. The application is extensive, including proof of birth, proof that they have resided in the U.S. for a specified amount of time as well as a background check for any criminal activity. If the applicant is found to have any felonies or severe misdemeanors on their records the application is denied.

The list of “principles” delivered by the White House to Congress on Sunday includes:

  • Constructing the border wall with Mexico
  • Employing 10,000 additional Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and 1000 lawyers for the agency
  • Hiring an extra 370 immigration judges and 300 federal prosecutors
  • Banning immigrants from bringing their extended family members to the US
  • Penalising “sanctuary cities” that have resisted the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants
  • Having companies use an E-Verify programme to keep illegal immigrants from getting jobs

Fears of coming out into the open and claim this program’s benefits are now justifiably manifested. The participant’s documentation is on file and deportation is a very real for the future for children and families that trusted our country. Legal assistance for immigration in Atlanta is necessary, but the benefits questionable since U.S. Immigration law decisions seem to be based on who is in the President’s seat.

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