///What Legal Deadlines Are Important Regarding Motor Vehicle Accidents?

What Legal Deadlines Are Important Regarding Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Claims relating to car accidents, motorbike accidents and other road collisions in Georgia ought to be made immediately after the incident. If you delay filing your claim, you could discredit your case or end up missing the insurance deadline. Prior to filing any claim, you need to report what happened to the police. You should do this straightaway, from the accident scene. Do not make an agreement with the other people involved in the accident to “say nothing”, or drive away without contacting anyone.

Telephone your insurance firm and say you want to file a claim quickly — preferably on the day of the accident.

Also, remember to seek treatment immediately, preferably the day of the accident. The longer you wait to obtain treatment, the more difficult it can be to receive a reasonable settlement from the insurance company.

The Statute of Limitations – Legal Deadlines for Filing Road Accident Claims

The statute of limitations specifies the amount of time, by law, that someone has to start legal proceedings. Such laws lay down strict deadlines for making road accident claims. The majority of vehicle accidents in Georgia are subject to the deadlines below:

  • Typically, you have 2 years from the accident date to make a claim against the at-fault party.

In certain situations, the deadlines above might vary. For instance, if – at the time of the accident – you were only sixteen years old, the above deadlines do not begin until you are eighteen. Therefore, you are given extra time on top of the two year period mentioned.

For accidents involving official vehicles though, like Parks Department trucks or police cars, additional deadlines could be considerably shorter. For instance:

  • If a state vehicle was involved in the accident, you might have just twelve months.
  • If the accident involved a city or county vehicle, you might have just six to twelve months.
  • If a vehicle from the federal government was involved in the accident, you have to contact the relevant government department to make an administrative claim initially.

Immediately following an accident, the best course of action is to arrange a consultation with an Atlanta car accident lawyer. Once you have received professional advice, you can take the correct steps in a matter of days. It can be difficult to prepare a case, so you need to give yourself plenty of time to make sure that your legal claim is sound.

It is still wise to consult a lawyer, even if you have waited many months already.

Some cases are winnable, even a long time after the event. However, you will be able to make the strongest case shortly after the accident, when the evidence is fresh and easier to obtain. Try to contact a lawyer on the day of your accident if you can.

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