10 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident

If you happened to be injured during a car accident as a result of another’s actions on the road, then you must know that you have rights that are protected by law. You really want to be aware as to the kinds of protections you have under law in the event of a car crash, so that you end up carrying financial and personal responsibility as a result of another driver’s negligence. That being said, here are the 10 reasons to hire a lawyer in the event of a personal injury collision or P.I.C for short.


  1. Time is of the essence pursuing legal action: The length of time may vary depending on the state in which the car wreck occurred, but most states only allow you to file a claim within a two-year time period. Be sure to talk to your lawyer about the actual time you have to file a claim for your accident.
  2. Following protocol is essential to file a legal claim: The most fundamental thing you can do to make sure your claim goes through is to file a police report. Then it is important to follow the steps mandated by the state as well, and your lawyer can walk through them. Make everything is in order, otherwise you run the risk of losing the right to sue.
  3. Be aware of what the insurance company is trying to do: This means that the insurance company is mainly trying to keep costs down as much as they possibly can. Consequently, this means that their interests may not be aligned with yours, and that is why a lawyer can help you navigate your car wreck situation, and speak for your best interests during the lawsuit.
  4. Untapped potential: You may not know this without a lawyer, but there’s a lot more than you can sue for other than just the P.I.C alone. There are other potential factors that you can include such as lost income from employment, pain and suffering, undue stress, and of course, medical bills.
  5. The complexity of proving liability: This goes hand in hand with the idea of insurance companies trying to keep their costs down. There’s going to be a lot of moving parts in trying to prove you’re not even partially liable in the car wreck, and a lawyer who is able to back you up with their experience, can certainly improve your odds.
  6. It’s all on your state: Each state handles car accidents and claims very differently. In some states, you may be allowed to sue if you were partially at fault. In some others, you may not be able to pursue legal action. In any event, a lawyer can best help you understand how each estate deals with road traffic accidents.
  7. There’s always a way to settle: Your lawyer shall make you aware of the fact that most cases settle out of court, and you exercise this option as well. However, once you take this choice, you forfeit the right to sue. It is important to discuss all your options with your lawyer before making a final decision.
  8. Support is essential to winning a case: Experienced lawyers know that you’re going through a very rough time during this process. It is why they work hard to assure that they are on your side, and they will assist you as much as possible.
  9. Contingency fees are the saving grace: In this particular line of work, lawyers only get to charge you fees when they win their cases, and at no other time they will do that. This means they’re going to fight for your best interests because…it is also in theirs, too.
  10. They have experience: Road traffic accident lawyers know the rules of the game inside and out. They have handled more cases than you can imagine, and they leverage their experience to win you the most money in your case. This means, the more experienced the lawyer, the more likely you are to win.

A car accident can be a very traumatic experience. For most people an event like this one can be rather paralyzing, and makes you believe there’s no one on your side. That is until you have a legal counsel, and these reasons can hopefully motivate you to find a personal injury lawyer when the unfortunate event of a car accident happens.


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